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Bottle weaning/Late straw drinkers?

Two part thing. Finally started the bottle weaning process today with my 17-month old (preemie). Went cold turkey and it was absolutely miserable for all of us. Trying not to stress myself out about how little of liquids he drank compared to normal. He was screaming his head off for over half the day. Was mainly worried about dehydration but luckily the wet diapers are still coming. Not gonna... More

1 year old bitten in the face

Was at an indoor play area and a little girl bit my 1 year old in the face. Grabbed his head and chomped him right in the cheek. Happened in like two seconds. Literally had deep indents in his skin where her teeth were. I’ve never experienced either of my kids getting injured by other children this way while present, and frankly it messed me up. I was so pissed I didn’t know how to react. The o... More

Books for 3.5 year old

Need some recommendations to look out for at the library tomorrow. Some of his already-favorites are Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, books by Richard Scarry, and Pete the Cat. Would like to switch things up...

Ideas for a just turned 3 years old girl's birthday gift?

DOUBLE STROLLERS: Tandem or side-by-side? Any specific recommendations for something budget-friendly (<$300) and lightweight? Weight is a big thing for me... thinking about all the lifting I'd have to do in order to get both kids out the door is enough to deter me from wanting to go out at all.

Needing ideas for my toddler's lunches at preschool, preferably that don't need to be heated. He's terrible at finishing his food without us there monitoring and keeping him focused so I'm hoping there will be some things out there appealing enough for him to finish on his own.

What is everyone doing to help relieve their teething babies a bit? At the time our older child was teething we used Hyland's which worked wonders for him but obviously that's not an option now. Baby also has a rash in the folds of his neck from all the milk and drool, don't know what to put on it.

Looking for recommendations on a budget-friendly carrier that will work on me. (Petite- 5'1) Desperately want to discover the magic of baby wearing but it hasn't happened. Bought the Ergo 360 for my firstborn and hated it; felt like it was putting a huge strain on my lower back even on short walks. Have been trying it again with baby #2 but am still not a fan. I want to avoid shelling o... More

What specific thermometer would you guys recommend for a newborn?

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