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What else can I give my 8 month old?

My daughter is 8 and a half months and loves eggs. She also seems really interested in what me and hubby eat and sometimes doesn't want to eat the pureed baby food and will stare intently at our plates. What kind of finger foods do you suggest for an 8 month old? She has 2 bottom teeth and the 2 tops are working there way in. She also likes puffs and Cheerios.

Terah posted in Newborns Jan 13

Introducing 1 yr old to baby

My brother and sister-in-law are having a baby boy in July and my daughter will be 1 year old in June. How have you guys introduced newborns to cousins/siblings? How long did you wait before introducing?

Water for 5 month old

My daughter will be 5 months on the 6th of November and she has become really interested in my water bottles. She likes to play with them and when it has condensation on the outside she likes to suck the water off. Would it be ok to give her water just to satisfy her curiosity?

Pumpkin patch

Anyone have a good recommendation for a pumpkin patch in San Antonio? One that will be really good for baby pictures. My LO is 4mos.

Allergies or sick?

My 3 month old's nose is super stuffy and congested. I'm wondering if she might be allergic to mold since my husband has a bad allergy to mold in San Antonio and it doesn't help its been rainy a lot. She also started daycare this week so it could be she caught something from a teacher or kid... Can they get allergies this early on? It's so bad that it takes longer for her to eat... More

Allergy to shellfish?

I strictly breastfeed and I've noticed that the couple of times I've eaten shrimp my 3 month old daughter has been up all night fussing and seems really uncomfortable. Is there a possibility that she can have an allergy like that this early? She doesn't ever get like that except those 2 times I've eaten shrimp

First time mom. Need mom friends

I've been in North San Antonio for a year now and am still struggling to find friends. All my co-workers are either in high school, fresh out of high school, or have kids that are way older. Just had my baby girl in June. Any tips or suggestions on what to do that will include the little one? Preferably free😅 or just anyone in this area want to grab a cup o' jo with me and talk about mom stuff?

Teething 3 month old

Any tricks to help my almost 3 month old with sore gums? She likes to grab my finger and bite down hard on my nuckle. She's not a big fan of teething toys yet.

Cereal mixed with breast milk

Has anyone mixed baby cereal with breast milk before? My girl is 2 and a half months and she gets really fussy at night right after feeding her on both sides. I've burped her, changed her, and given her less than half a dose of gripe water and then she has to eat on one side again before she finally gets tired and goes to sleep. Is it ok to give her a little bit of cereal with some breast ... More

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