Bothell, WA

She insisted on wearing a bib while she wandered around after her bath

My daughter currently has her two bottom front teeth and now she is not getting her top front teeth but the teeth on either side of the top front ones. Is this weird? Or somewhat normal?

Sweet little lady’s 1st Christmas (Christmas Eve) was spent at Seattle Children’s with a 104.4 fever. She has a double ear infection and RSV virus and is getting over the stomach flu. So far the month of December has included 2 stomach flus, pink eye, an ear infection, a double ear infection, hand foot and mouth and RSV virus. Poor little lady can’t catch a break.

Poor little lady has hand foot and mouth. Anyone know how long it usually takes for it to run it’s course and blisters to dry up? Wondering when I can expect to be back at work.

Enjoying her bath time frog

Someone loves her new friend Grover.

Love this girl ❤️💜💗💓💖💕❤️💜💕💖💗

Someone is loving school!

Pjs with a pig wearing cow pjs......super funny.

Kitty in kitty pjs. Happy Friday!

This one has no washing instructions?

Smallest clown hat ever or bottle cap?

Found this photo of her when she was 4 days old....forgotten how tiny my sweet lady was. Love this girl.

Owl jammies newborn size above and 9 month size below

Someone is sharing her pacifier.

Super Girl and her sidekick Baby Beth

Both babies fast time? What is that?

2nd generation baby blanket, she loves it as much as I did.

Apparently the floor is better than both cribs, the couch and a bed for snoozing. After a day of screaming I don't care where she sleeps.

Had a "bad mom" moment yesterday when I buckled my daughter's leg chub in her high chair restraint. She screamed and cried so loud it made me cry too. As soon as she saw my tears she started laughing. She now has a good sized blood blister on her inner thigh. But she has forgotten all about it.

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2nd trip to the ocean but 1st time she was awake for our walk on the beach

Free Hugs Anyone?

There's been a minion sighting at Bellevue Fire Station 3.

Who doesn't love to bathe in yogurt?

Napping with her fur sister.

Our 1st swimming adventure in Seaside, OR

Checking out her new shoes

The prisoner is asleep in her cell....I mean the sweet little lady is asleep in her crib.

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Love this park it is great for all ages.

A tribute to her fur sister Angel.......a kitty dress.

6 month party photo

Trying some new foods. Yogurt w/ spinach and raspberries blended in.

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