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Cry activated recordable soother

I’m able to find cry activated soothers with pre-recorded white noise/songs but can’t find one in which I can record my voice. Does such a thing even exist? I’m hoping to sleep train my baby and something like that would be super helpful.

Shruti posted in DIY Nov 30, 2018

Gingerbread house kits

My four year old is all excited to build a gingerbread house. But every other brand I look online has horrible reviews. Most of them seem to have problems with the “glue”. Are there any brands that Winnie parents have had luck with? I would hate for my little boy to be disappointed.

Kids weekend Soccer classes

Does anybody have recommendations for kids soccer classes in San Francisco?

5 month old with a cold

My almost 5 month old just came down with a cold. He unfortunately does not breastfeed. What can I do to keep him comfortable?

Starting solids before 6 months

My 4 1/2 month old used to sleep 6-8 hour stretches until about a month ago. Now he wakes every 2-3 hours at night for milk. He drinks 4.5 ounces of breastmilk every 3 hours during the day. He weighs 15 pounds. Our pediatrician wants us to start solids (starting with 1 spoon of baby cereal per day for a week and then gradually introducing new foods). He mentioned that the baby waking up hungry ... More

My almost 4 year old is a slow eater and breakfast time is always a struggle. We barely manage to get him to eat a few bites before rushing to preschool. How do other Winnie parents manage breakfast and early school times?

We are considering taking an aupair to care for our four month old. I'd appreciate any suggestions, tips, concerns...the good, bad and the ugly from families that have any experience with au pairs.

My 3 month old naps regularly during daytime but his naps last only 30mins. He naps in his mini crib, swaddled, in a quiet and relatively dark room with white noise on. I've tried staying in his room and gently rocking his crib as he stirs awake but it does not seem to help. I usually walk him/rock him to sleep and then put him down. I'm told that once he turns 4 months I should put him... More

I'm looking to hire a full time nanny to care for my four month old. I'll need help as early as next month. We are in the Northbeach area. Do you have any recommendations for nannies/nanny agencies?

We are considering hiring a nanny for our 4 month old. Are full time nannies paid by the hour or a fixed salary? How much are they paid on an average in San Francisco?

We are looking for recommendations on pediatricians in San Francisco. Preferably in north beach/Russian hill/nob hill or surrounding areas. We currently see pediatricians at Stonestown Pediatrics and we absolutely love them but it takes forever to drive back and forth.

Ok. So my 7 week old just had his tongue and lip tie procedure done (laser). His dentist who did the procedure wants us to give him ibuprofen for pain relief and his pediatrician wants us to give him Tylenol. The pediatrician says ibuprofen is not meant for babies under 6 months. I discussed my concern with the dentist and he says Tylenol would not suffice in this case since it does not bring d... More

Our lactation consultant just diagnosed my 7 week old with lip and tongue tie. He has been on the bottle since first 3 days of life (breast milk only). He has never breastfed successfully due to latch issues. We have the option of either taking the laser route or the scissor route. Does anybody have personal experience/recommendation of one over the other? How was the recovery?

I'm looking for recommendations on family board games that we can play with our hyperactive almost 4 year old. Preferably games that teach skills such as strategy, collaboration and patience.

Any recommendations for summer camp options for a 3.5 year old ? Preferably in the North Beach, Marina, Nob hill, Russian hill area.

Any recommendations on stainless steel water bottles for toddlers that are easy to clean? I see a lot of folks using the foogo/contigo bottles but the plastic parts seem to have too many nooks to keep clean and free of mold.

Exchange unused babiesrus gift cards for buybuybaby gift cards! They do not match it dollar to dollar however. Probably works best if you still have a lot of balance on the card but don't have the need to purchase anything from the babiesrus store.

Any recommendations for newborn photographers in SF/east/southbay? We did a newborn photoshoot at picture people with my first child and the results were less than impressive.

I have a super active 3 year old boy and am expecting another one in a couple of months. I've heard/read that nursing can be a pain with the older one around. Folks have recommended using a sling carrier to nurse. Any personal experiences? Which sling carrier works best?

We are considering hiring a full time nanny for our little one who is 2 years old. Any guidance on how much the pay is for nannies working 5 days a week 8-5pm would be much appreciated. We live in the north beach area.

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