Pittsburg, CA

Moved to CA March, 2016 from Finland. Everything is new and support is scarce. But I'm loving being a mother and supporting wife. I study computer sciences - whenever I have time - which will be my second MA degree.

Comments about multiple children

I keep hearing that families with multiple children get all kinds of verbal attacks and comments from strangers. As I am preparing for baby #3 I keep wondering what those are. So far I have not gotten any negative comments, only congrats even though I have my two other toddlers with me. I just don't want to be caught off guard as I easily start crying for several months postpartum (once I a... More

What is your favourite maternity wear?

I am especially stuggling with pants. I'm not the type to wear sweatpants for the next 6 months, but those are the only ones that stay in place and don't feel unconfortable. I have several maternity pants, but I'm throwing them out now because I have to constantly pull them up and adjust them. I do like skirts and dresses, but those are not practical on the playground with two toddlers.

I have never seen anyone have their teeth come in this way. My son got his bottom first at 5 months. Then he was teething for 7 months. Then the top two on the left side only came out, two days ago he got a bottom one on the left side. It just looks funny 😅.

Just another day with two children at home. Due to a very persistent cough my daughter's airways are tightened and she needs to inhale a medicine every four hours. So no daycare for her. And - perfect timing - bay area has been flooded with smoke, so no going out to play. The medicine makes her slightly hyperactive and she has no way to use all that energy. Most of her favourite toys have s... More

How would you toddler proof a door like this? Yesterday my two year old put on her shoes, took her toy keys and said bye bye, opened the lock and was about to go out. Now that she is sleeping in her own room, I'm afraid she might just leave the apartment some night 😨.

Has any of you tried mindfulness exercises with a toddler? My daughter has always had big and strong emotions and as she gets closed to two, the outbreaks and tantrums get bigger. My mother suggested a book that has mindfulness exercises, but those ones are not for her age. They are based on verbally explaining a lot of things. My daughter is just about to speak two-word sentences, and has a ha... More

Yesterday, time to get the kids to bed. I'm alone this week, and bathing two under 2 yo is probably one of the hardest things I have managed to do. While I bath the baby, the toddler goes to the potty. After she is done, she knocks over the potty and pee is all over the floor. Now I have a wet baby under one arm, trying to dry up the floor, thinking I will clean that up properly later. Whi... More

If anyone is looking for a business idea (or if anyone has any tips): While maternity wear is available in almost every store, I find it hard to find clothes suitable for breastfeeding. They don't even have that category anywhere! Also I am so bored with the striped pattern that is on so many maternity clothes. What about colors and nice prints? Better yet some designs for nerdy moms like... More

I never thought I'd be in this situation. My husband got a offer to extend our stay here in CA on a H1B visa. That means no work permit for me... Unless someone wants to hire me and go through that process of getting all required documents. I'm almost 30 and have not worked in the field I studied a single day. I fear that if we stay here I might never be able to get work, even if we go ... More

We hit 104 degrees today, and my baby's skin tells the story.

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A great place to cool down on a hot day. Be sure to bring a towel, your little one(s) will get wet!

Today is my first day at home with only the baby. My daughter started day care. I couldn't sleep all night, so the morning after I dropped her off I "waisted" sleeping. I have to get used to the idea, that it'll be like this every day now! And oh my, I really need this break and some time for me and the baby!

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I am not really sure if I can take credit for this, but sometimes I feel like I succeeded as a parent. She is a more enthusiastic cleaner than I am.

My husband and I were talking about the meaning of mothers in one's adult life. The story behind that is that we are waiting for my mother-in-law to pass away - that sounds stupid but that's what it is - after she was diagnosed with cancer last December. Before that diagnosis she was the healthiest one of our parents, it is so sad. My husband regrets that he didn't know his mother a... More

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