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My 5 year old daughter is all set to start her first day of Kindergarten tomorrow and I’m having a heart attack. I’ve always toyed with the idea of homeschooling, but honestly, it’s not something I could handle. But the idea of sending my kids to public school terrifies me. I recently read about online schooling and am interested but I just don’t know what is the right choice. I’m scared of mak... More


My son just turned 2 at the end of December and he literally throws HUGE temper tantrums over anything, everything, and NOTHING. Pretty much this entire day he has spent screaming literally at the top of his lungs like I have never heard before and NOTHING works discipline wise or even comfort or distraction wise. I honestly don’t have any idea what to do, but this HAS GOT to stop. I was in tea... More

Is it true that more frequent bowel movements and loss of appetite could mean labor is near?

For about the past week I have had pretty much no appetite at all, nothing sounds good to me. I also sometimes feel nauseous and it seems I’m going number two, or at least feeling like I have to, constantly. I’ve noticed more tightening/hardening of my bump as well. I’m only 26 weeks and 2 days but have a high risk pregnancy because my first was born at 34 weeks due to my water randomly breakin... More

Help! Climbing Toddler Not Wanting to Stay in Bed!

My son will be 2 on December 30th and has just discovered how to climb out of his crib. I tried putting him down for a nap during his regular nap time and he just climbed right out. I tried lying him down in his old pack ‘n play instead because it’s deeper/taller and only has the mesh/netted sides instead of the easy to climb bars, but somehow he managed to climb out of that too. I’m worried ab... More

Cramps at 13 Weeks?

I’m 13 weeks pregnant and everything has gone great so far. However today and yesterday I have been experiencing what feels like “period cramps” in my lower back and stomach. I don’t want to say that it’s “terrible” pain, but it definitely is painful. I have not had bleeding of any kind, just the cramps. I read that round ligament pain starts around this time and that it could be that, however ... More

Pre-K Suggestions?!

Any suggestions for the best Pre-K in either the Fenton or Affton area?

Kidney stones in young children?

Does anyone have any experience with kidney stones in young children? My four year old daughter seems to get urinary tract infections semi-often (I don’t know why, she really only drinks water and doesn’t sit in bath water) and then last night she was running a fever and complaining that her “side hurts”. Today she has not been running a fever and for the most part has been acting normal, howev... More

If you get pregnant again, shortly after you quit breastfeeding, will your colostrum come in much earlier than normal? I’m talking the first few weeks of pregnancy?

TIPS FOR GETTING A 4 YEAR OLD TO MIND Plain and simple - I love my 4 year old daughter more than anything, but sometimes (a lot of the time) her behavior is terrible and hard for me to deal with. She won’t listen to or follow simple things that I ask her to do or NOT to do, she is too loud, she tells me “no”, argues, and will throw temper tantrums. She is also very clingy and has to constantl... More

My son is almost 16 months old and he just had a checkup with his pediatrician a few days ago. Everything was normal and he is perfectly healthy, and the doctor even told us that around this age their appetite will decrease a lot for a little bit and not to worry, however I am still worried because it is almost 7pm and all my son has really had to eat today is a few crackers/cookies. He normall... More

HELP/ADVICE PLEASE!!!!! Within the past week or so, I have taken at least 8 at home pregnancy tests, all of which came back positive. From the ones with the two lines, to the plus signs, to the digital ones that actually say the word “pregnant”. I have not yet seen my OBGYN, but planned on getting in this week. However, today I started bleeding and cramping and got scared, so I went to the n... More

ANYONE EVER HEARD OF THE “SUGAR BUG” VEIN? Both my 3 year old daughter and my 9 month old son have a noticeable blue vein on the bridge of their nose between their eyes. I remember hearing about the sugar bug vein with my daughter when she was born and since my son now has it too I looked it up. Apparently it means they could be more likely to have behavioral issue like temper tantrums, have A... More

What are everyone’s opinions on letting your baby “cry it out”? I was never for it, I hate letting my baby cry. I always believed babies only cry when they need something and as their mothers it’s our job to give them what they need. My fiancé has a different opinion than me and is scared that if I continue to pick him up when he cries he will end up being too spoiled. At first I thought “there... More

My almost 9 month old has co-slept since he was born but now I think we’re ready to transition him to sleeping in his own crib. Any tips/advice to make it a smoother transition for him and my fiancé and I?

My son will be 9 months old in just a few days and does not have any teeth or signs of them. Is this normal/okay? He’s been exclusively breastfed but I started also giving him puréed fruits/veggies around 6 months. He does well with the little yogurt melts and wafers just by sucking on them or gumming them. Due to his age I would like to start giving him more options but am scared since he does... More

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