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4.5m refusing to eat from the bottle

I already tried dr. Brown’s and avent bottles and no luck. He eats from the bottle for a minute and then stops and gets fussy. What bottle should I try next?! Please help

3.5 month baby doesn’t use a pacifier

I tried giving my baby pacifier when he was 2month old and he didn’t take it. I’m breastfeeding him so maybe he didn’t like the rubbery texture that he is not use to. I tried couple of times and didn’t want to force it. I’m just wondering if I will later regret not giving him a pacifier? All my friends give their babies pacifiers and they swear by it. Any moms out there that are not giving baby... More

3 month old

My 3 month old son usually sleeps from 9-10pm to 5-6am. Should I pump at night to maintain my milk supply? I used to set an alarm and wake up at 2am to pump, but I noticed that alarm and me moving around wakes the baby up. What other moms do in that kind of situation?

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