Collinsville, IL

Parent of 9 month old and one on the way!

Adding to the family

So we just found out a few weeks ago that we are pregnant with our second child. Our first is only 9 months old. Has anyone had kids this close together and what are some good tips to know with having two kids within 17 months?

So my fiancé has been pumping strong for over a week now and we are quickly running out of space in our freezer and are thinking about purchasing an upright deep freezer to store breast milk. Anyone have any suggestions of a good brand that has been reliable?

Was there anything you noticed you had to go buy after all the baby showers that you didn’t realize you needed? We have one more baby shower and we noticed that we got tons of blankets and outfits but hardly any self care items. Any suggestions?

Is it best to start child proofing my house now before the baby come or later on after baby is here but just before he is big enough to get into anything?

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My Girlfriend and I have eaten here a few times and we have always enjoyed our experience. The meals are reasonably priced and if you manage to make it to the lunch specials, the price is awesome. Food was great, bathrooms were clean and the service was great!

Hello all! I just downloaded this app as I am a father to be next year in February! My first one and a boy to add!! :) My girlfriend and I are new to this thing called parenting but excited to say the least! Any dads out there have any keen advice about what I should be doing to prepare for delivery day or some tips about what to have ready to bring?

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