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Cough syrup & Motrin together

Can you give Motrin and Zarbees All Natural cough syrup together? My son is teething and on top of it is really congested.

Baby food

My son who is almost 11 months still prefers baby puree. I try to give him chunks of food but he's not interested quite yet. I'm not worried about it, I know he will switch when he's ready. Anyone else son/daughter still eat only puree? If so how many jars at a sitting.

Eating table foods

My son is 10 months old and is really only eating purée food. I’d like to get him eating more table foods but he only has two teeth. What are some good mushy foods?

Whole milk

I ran out of formula the day before I was suppose to get my WIC reload. We don’t have much money to buy a can of formula, so I gave my son a little bit of Organic whole milk and he loves it! He had no problem it being different from formula. He is 9 months so I know I’m suppose to wait till 12 months but has anyone else had an issue with giving whole milk before 12 months? Not switching complet... More

Sleeping through the night

I know this is a hot topic on here and I have posted on it before. But I have tried everything in the books, even what people on here have told me to do. My son who is 9 months still wakes up about 5 or 6 times within 12 hrs. Not for food, just because he had a hard time falling asleep. He sleeps with me from 12 am till he wakes up because he can’t go back to sleep in his crib, cause all he doe... More

Dosage on Tylenol and Ibuprofen

My pediatrician gave me this chart. This seems like a huge dosage compared to the other charts I have seen. I still give my 9 month old 1.875mL of Motrin because that’s what the box says for his weight. According to this chart it’s for a 8-10 lb baby. Not to sure if I should go by this chart or not.

Sleeping through the night

My son who is almost 9 months old is having a hard time sleeping through the night. I got him off of his night time feedings so he only has a bottle at 6AM. He still constantly wakes up in the middle of the night, we started no bottles at night on the 4th of this month. He has plenty of food during the day and even a night time bottle before bed so I know it isn’t hunger. How can I break him fr... More

Sleeping with face in mattress

Has anyone went through this? If so what were your results? My son who’s 8 months loves to sleep on his belly, unfortunately he loves to sleep with his face in his bed. It’s a firm mattress, I’m just worried of him not being able to get enough oxygen. I move him and he goes right back, or he just cries cause he can’t get back to sleep. 😓☹️

Bad teething days

I have gave my son motrin before cause it’s meant for his age. He’s 8 months. For infants Tylenol it says 2-3 years. I’ve seen dosages I’m just a little scared to try it. Are these dosages right? Mine is 160mg per 5mL

Switching to Almond Milk

Anyone have any suggestions, do’s or don’t’s for going to almond milk at 8 months? I will still be giving formula to him, just would like to start the transition early.

Night time feeding, when to stop?

My son who is now 8 months old, has always ate 3 to 4 bottles a night. I read something on google about night weaning and how I should start at 6 months. Anyone have any suggestions? He usually only goes back to sleep with a bottle. I’ve tried feeding him more throughout the day but every night he wakes up at the same time to eat. More of a routine then hunger. Is he old enough to sleep without... More

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