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Very lucky mommy to 4.

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Happy Mom moment. One of my twins just slept through the night for the first time! I’d feel well rested except for her partner in crime was up every two hours lol 😂

Breast feeding question. I broke my arm and needed surgery(6 screws) and pain pills.. so clearly I wasn’t breastfeeding. We had switched to formula for the time being. I have been pumping and dumping but day by day my milk supply has been diminishing. I plan on taking my pain meds anymore and once i hit my 20 hours of not taking them, introducing my breast again. Here is the problem.... I ... More

Momming newborn twins with a newly broken arm might be difficult

Ali posted in Babies Dec 19, 2017

How can you help a baby learn to self sooth? I have 6 week old twins. And it seems the only thing that can calm them is me... especially my boob. Which I’m trying to break and only use as a last resort. We made the mistake of sleeping in the living room for the first 6 weeks in bouncy chairs. Now that dads back to work we are trying to transition to the bassinets in the master bedroom.... ... More

Looking to talk with someone who’s got experience with a child with a behavioral disorder. We’re starting to question if our daughter may have some sort of one.

Tube tying? Any horror stories? Is it relatively easy and quick to recover? I’m unfamiliar with how it’s done... but we feel our family is complete and I have my 6 week check up in just a few hours.

Does anyone have a good routine they follow being a stay at home mom? I have one middle school aged child, one elementary aged, and two one month olds. We live in a rural area and the school aged children are bused. But at separate times. And not directly from our house but about a 1/3 mile drive. Dad works 3rd shift and starts back to work Monday so I’ll be flying solo all night while he... More

Ali posted in Babies Dec 16, 2017

Piercing ears on baby... opinions and reasonings please!

Proud mama moment!! My twins had their one month check up yesterday! Their pediatrician referred to my milk as “super milk” when they were born. My son was 5lbs 14 oz and my daughter was 4lbs 14 oz. As of yesterday my son now weighs 10 lbs 8 oz and my daughter is 8 lbs 15 oz. They have both about doubled their weight in a month!

Lactation recipes? I don’t use social media so having trouble finding advice .... I have twins and I just want to make sure the supply is keeping up with them. 20 days old and they’ve been exclusively breast fed and id like to keep it that way for at least 6 months.

Any twin parents on here? I have boy/girl twins that are 19 days old today! Any tips, suggestions, fun facts? Everyone said get them on the same feeding schedule it will make life easier. But so far it seems harder. Especially at night. I don’t make dad stay up with us because they’re exclusively breast fed. No sense in us both being dead tired. I guess I was cocky when I was pregnant say... More

I just brought home my boy/girl twins. Let me tell you, they’re great. However... I’m having trouble with my 5 year old daughter adapting to the change. She has already told me she is going to run away and she wants the babies to go back. I’ve always been so close with my daughter so this breaks my heart. Any suggestions on how to help her transition?

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