La Habra, CA

Hey everyone! My almost 14 month kiddo is refusing to stand on his own. He cruses like a champ and will walk around on the walker all day long but I can't get him to stand on his own! I am starting feel like a failure! Any tips or advice you guys can give me? Thanks!

Any suggestions on activities to keep my 1 year old occupied? He's not walking yet, and is down to one nap a day so we have a little more time throughout the day play.

Best app for child development, or milestones tracking?

Hey everyone! My son is almost a year old and I plan on starting to stop breastfeeding soon. He won't take a bottle, but he will drink water out of sippy cups. He won't drink anything else out of them (mothers milk, juice, or even formula I have tried a few times and nothing). Any suggestions? I know I am going to have to supplement with milk soon and I am nervous he won't take any.

Any suggestions on convertible car seats? My 10 month old is ready to move up! I would prefer to only get one more car seat, so one that would grown with him. Thanks everyone!

My 7 month old has recently gotten baby eczema. It's not bothering him and is contained only to his cheeks.. We only use baby safe detergents and soaps. Also the foods he has had so far don't seem to coincide with the issue. So far I have only used coconut oil on his cheeks but I haven't seen any difference. Any and all tips would be so helpful and welcome! Thanks!

Does anyone have some good recipes or fav foods they love to give their 6 month old? We have only been feeding him solids for a few weeks now. He doesn't need it for calories just yet since he is still breastfeeding, but we are just having fun getting him used to textures and new flavors.

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