Royal Palm Beach, FL

Whole Milk for 1 year old

FTM, I was wondering is it okay to warm the milk for my son and if so, how long?

Yes or no for New Shoe wearers

I have ordered Stride Rite shoes already but I keep looking at these. But not sure if they are good for my babyโ€™s foot. Would you recommend these? Or just stick to my Stride Rite.

Eczema/Eliminating Milk or Eggs

Hello Moms, So my almost 4 month old baby boy is breastfeed and only supplemented with formula when necessary. He is having eczema problems. The pediatrician is suggesting that I donโ€™t eat anything with milk or eggs. And see how that goes. Iโ€™m at the point of frustration because just about everything is made with milk or eggs. Any suggestions on what to eat? Open to anything. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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