Castro Valley, CA

Solutions for parents sleeping less than 4 hours!

I need to be focused, and awake for the rest of the day with very little sleep. Anyone have other solutions besides coffee?

Where should I sell baby things?

I’m trying to sell old baby things and clothes where is the best app, place, or website to sell baby things. I would normally just donate or give away, but I paid so much money for these things and I need the money😬

My 3-year-old started hitting other kids

My son started hitting other kids unprovoked and started taking toys away from other kids. How can I stop this behavior? Or what are some reasons you all might think this might be happening?

Flying with two kiddos! 3 year old and 5 month old

I’m flying with my 3-year-old and 5 month baby. This will be my and their first time flying. It’s only an hour long flight, but I’m still feeling pretty nervous. Any tips? I’m specifically worried about their ears hurting.

My son was diagnosed with moderate speech and comprehension delay. He will be attending speech therapy every week. Do you have experience with taking your child to speech therapy, and at the end, did your child catch up with their speech? Are you still taking your child, if so, is it helping? Just looking for a discussion regarding the topic.

When would be a good time to get my child off the bottle? What have you done to get your child off the bottle? I tried, but since my toddler is a picky eater I gave in and continued giving him his bottle.

I’m thinking about going back to work, but daycare for a newborn and a toddler can be pricy. I also don’t want them to be separated. I was thinking about getting a nanny. Is it more pricy to have a nanny? What has your experience been with a nanny?

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