Dayton, OH

2.5 yr old with Sleep & Dinner issues

My 2.5yr old daughter is currently having issues staying asleep at night and refusing naps or only taking a short one. Also she will ask to eat dinner, I'll let her pick what she wants to eat, then she only takes 3 bites and says shes done. She will then ask for a snack later. She eats all of her breakfast and lunch. Has anyone else encountered this? Was wondering if it's just a sle... More

Potty Training

My daughter is 26 months and will walk up to the potty and pull down her pants, but she has already gone in her diaper. Her daycare is against pull ups, but I bought some of the Huggies Cool to learn pull ups that have a cooling sensation when wet. I want to try them on her for a few weekends with a potty watch to alter us to try to potty frequently to see if it clicks with her that she has to ... More

2 Year Old Pushing, Hitting & Kicking

My 2 year has all of a sudden started pushing other kids, kicking me when I change her and hitting me, other kids, and her daycare teacher. I've been telling her no and putting her in time out for over a week with no difference in her behavior. Has anyone else been in this situation and what did you do to get them to stop?

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