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M posted in Food & Cooking Oct 22

Which meal(s) did you feed your child a “solid”?

Breakfast, lunch or dinner time? We are just starting cereals/purées. How many times a day did you do this? I’m also breastfeeding so he still eats many times per day.

M posted in Breastfeeding Oct 22

Postnatal Vitamin

I’m breastfeeding so I’ve continued to take my prenatal vitamins.. I just ran out so I’m looking into some new brands. Anyone have a good experience with a multivitamin safe for breastfeeding that won’t make baby gassy?

M posted in Bathing Oct 22

Face cream for baby

With cold temperatures and winter coming, what are some lotions that work well for baby’s face?

M posted in Babies Jul 31

Road trip

Tips for traveling with a 2-3 month old for about 7-8 hours in the car? Trying to plan a family vacation.

Book recommendations for parents!

Funny reads or thrillers to read (or listen to) while I’m nursing, please!

M posted in Babywearing Jul 21

How did you get your little one used to the carrier?

Mine seems to have mixed feelings, ha. He’s almost 6 weeks.

M posted in Breastfeeding Jul 20

Good foods to eat while breastfeeding

I’ve seen so many lists of what to avoid (for gas, etc) but are there some key foods to eat?! I feel like a list of foods I CAN eat would be easier for my sleep deprived brain to remember, ha.

M posted in Babies Jul 18


Are there different levels? I received two as gifts but my little man seems to only like/use one of them. Are some of the pacifiers different levels and maybe the other one is too hard? He’s 1 month.

M posted in Newborns Jul 17

Probiotics for newborn

Yay or nay? Brand suggestions? *Dr suggested

M posted in Money Jul 16

Part-time, Full-time or SAHM?

If you had the option, which would you choose? It’s nice to have my own money, but daycare is SO expensive and I don’t want to miss out on this precious time while he’s so young..

M posted in Breastfeeding Jul 14

Has anyone tried those teas with chamomile to help baby relax and to help with wind, colic, etc?

I’m intrigued. Also, it would be transferred through breast milk if I were to try one.

M posted in Newborns Jul 11

4 week growth spurt?

Does anyone happen to know which weeks that growth spurts or “leaps” happen? My little man isn’t napping today and is eating a ton! He’ll be 4 weeks on Friday.

M posted in Babywearing Jul 10

Less Bulky Carrier

I have the Ergo360 but it’s much too bulky for my frame.. any suggestions for a soft structured / structured carrier for an almost 1 month old?

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