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Jessica posted in In-Laws Feb 06

Family social media posts

So my husbands family likes to posts pictures of our daughter on social media, which I actually have a huge problem with (that’s 700+ strangers per family member) but I let it go. But they constantly post pictures portraying our daughter as my husbands sisters child, caption and all, implying she belongs to my sister-in-law, and they DO NOT correct people when they comment. They actively crop m... More

Who has a toddler and an infant breastfeeding? What’s been your experience?

So we kind of realized then confirmed by home test this weekend, that we’ve probably got another bun in the oven. We weren’t really trying, but we also weren’t trying to prevent it 🤷‍♀️😂 That being said, we’re happy. But I’ve got reservations as our first child is just shy of 10 months old right now. I worry that we didn’t give her enough time, but my husband pointed out; the next one doesn’t g... More

How do I tell my doctor to STFU about cows milk?

My daughter is 9 months old, we breastfeed and she eats solid foods. She’s just started walking on her own this week, very exciting! But our doctor, like he does every visit, kept wanting to talk about getting her on whole milk at one year. But why!? I’m not okay with this. I don’t do cows milk. I tell him every time and I prompt him about almond milk or soy milk or literally anything else and ... More

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