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love new places and adventures! from new England originally

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Vitamins, cleanses & tricks

Alright, so me and the fiancé are trying for a baby, I just bought ovulation tests and I am going to start testing this month, we both already take b12 and *I occasionally take evening prim rose* i have 2 bottles of parentals for me to start taking and a bottle of 1 a day mens vitamins for conception for him. I am curious and wondering if i should start taking both prenatal and evening prim ro... More

It's incredibly difficult to get pregnant

I have never been pregnant and this is my first time trying. I went to the obgyn about a year ago and she said to wait until I have been trying for at least a year. it's been off and on of trying with my fiancé since then, because of his child from his previous relationship, going to court to try for equal time- sharing for both parents and the stress that comes with that. We aren't m... More

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