Wyomissing, PA

Mixing Medicine With Milk

So as my son is getting older he doesn’t like to take medicine when he’s sick because he can now taste the Medicine. So I mixed his Tylenol with his milk and he drank it with no issues, is this bad?

Poop is changing

Started my son on Almond milk about two weeks ago and this week he has been drinking more formula again and now he has been blowing up his diaper with poop like overflowing . He has dirtied sheets several times and I don’t know if it’s me switching back and forth between mills or if it’s his teething?

Almond Milk

So I started feeding my son almond milk. I’m giving him less formula. Only once in the morning and at night. Sometimes one in the afternoon/evening. He is 10 months old. And he is loving the almond milk! No side affects, everything seems to be going great! I was nervous at first but he will be 11 months in two weeks so I think he will be fine . Our Pediatrician actually wanted our goal to be on... More

Formula Switch

When do you recommend switching from baby formula to toddler formula? Is that even necessary? Or have the baby just drink regular milk?

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