Berkeley, CA

I work for UC Berkeley as a Web and Accessibility Specialist. I live in Berkeley with my husband and cat, plus baby boy (born April 2017).

This place has great baby/kids stuff for cheap. Our son was ready for a bigger car seat, and we managed to snag a fancy one here for about half the full retail price. Highly recommended!

What are your favorite teething biscuits? We’re tried the Plum Organics biscuits, Mum Mums, and I just bought the Healthy Times biscuits. Generally speaking, it’d be nice if the biscuits were light on the sugar/sweeteners. 👶 Our baby is almost 10 months, has two bottom teeth, and has two top teeth coming in. Many thanks!


We came here with baby, and another couple and their baby. The place was nicely uncrowded for lunch on a Sunday. The babies did well in their high chairs and the adults enjoyed their sandwiches/burgers/drinks. I can see us making this a regular occurrence!


We ended up here when my mom noticed that their kids menu had cheese pizza, as my 5-year-old niece was in the mood for pizza. We had a great time! They had a high chair for our baby, the niece and nephew got their pizza and mac and cheese, and the adults enjoyed their beers and the upscale spin on traditional pub food.


What a great space! It’s a beautiful spot right on the lake. They gave us a high chair for our little one (he’s still a little small for high chairs, but we made it work by putting a folded-up jacket behind him). Our waiter very graciously took a photo of all us in front of the lake (adults with beers, baby with bottle). There’s an impressive play area for children, and changing tables in both the women’s and men’s restrooms. The beer list is impressive and delicious, and the food is definitely above average “pub grub.”


Saturn is the best! Definitely a Santa Cruz institution (there’s one in Berkeley as well). My all-time favorite items on the menu are the club sandwich, thin-cut fries and the milkshakes (they have vegan milkshakes too!). They have a kids menu, and they can provide crayons/paper and booster seats for little ones. For the adults, there’s also beer and wine. 🍻🍷

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