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My name is Bethany and I have a 15 month old daughter named Harley. She loves to be outside and be active

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Bedtime routines

Hi! I have a 15 month old girl and she has been given a bottle in her crib to help her fall asleep. I’m trying to get away from that. I’m thinking of trying a new routine like a bath then a bottle and read to her then brush her teeth and put her down but I’m curious as to what everyone else does. I really want to incorporate books because she won’t let me read to her unless she has a bottle

Bethany posted in Safety Apr 02

Baby headphones at a hockey game

My daughter is 15 months and loud noises don’t really bother her. I don’t think the hockey game is too loud but I would like to hear other people’s opinion. Do you guys vote yes for her headphones or do you think she will be ok without them?

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