Houston, TX

I'm looking for a place that will have Easter egg hunt for toddlers and babies under two.

Are there any places in Houston area that will have an Easter egg hunt for the little ones? Preferably one that doesn't cost so much to attend.

Son scratches his skin every time I remove his diaper.

I've switched from one brand of diapers to another and it seems diapers irritate his skin. He would keep scratching his skin around the area until bright red. I've put on lotion each time to soothe his skin. He doesn't get rash or anything; just keeps scratching. What else can I do?

Is 2 years old too young for Legoland?

I'm planning to take my son to San Diego for his 2nd birthday. I'm debating whether to take him to the SD zoo or Legoland. I've never been to Legoland so I don't know much about it. I've been to SD zoo and love it.

Jenny posted in Behavior Feb 15

1 1/2 year old hitting and throwing

I need advice on what has worked for you if this happens to your kid. My son has been throwing thing either at people or the floor. He's broken glass before. He also would hit people. I tried telling and showing him to be more gentle and don't hit people. I tried raising my voice with a angry face to show him it's not good to throw things at or hit people. He still does it. He knows... More

Bringing a toddler to see a symphony

Has anyone brought their kid(s) to see a symphony? My son loves watching it on YouTube. I was thinking of bringing him to see one live. He's 15 months old though. Is that too young to go?

My son has been having a fever since 3 days ago. Need some advice on what works for y'all!

Doctor said it's a virus. She told me to just keep his temp down. I gave him infant motrine before but it stopped working after the second time. I give him a warm bath every time to cool him down a bit. His temp went back up to 103. Anything y'all do to get your baby's temp down? And maybe keep it down?

I am looking for a different type of baby proofing for my drawers.

I'm currently using this type (photo) and my son keeps getting his fingers caught in between from trying to open the drawers. He can even open a couple of the drawers completely. 🤪 I'm going nuts picking up clothes he's thrown out of the drawers. Any suggestions?!!

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