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Some daycares are closed for veteran's day ( observed this Friday). Any suggestions what to do with the kids that day?

Planning for a playdate but wanted to do something seasonal. Any crafts or activities related to Pumpkins or Halloween that you could suggest and where can I get the materials? Thanks

We went apple picking at the Chileno Valley Ranch and my kid had an amazing time. Apple picking wasn't her favorite part of it although we did a decent amount of it but petting and feeding the bunny, the hens and chicks , the sheep and dog and then helping out in juicing the apples! We spotted some tomatoes and pumpkins for photo opportunities (not for picking) and on our way here we saw s... More

Kid centric restaurants? I have always come across a list of kid friendly restaurants but want to know some good kid centric restaurants in the city to make the young one's day!

Language immersion schools -- pros and cons? Our kid is bilingual currently. I wanted to understand what's the impact of introducing a third language - Spanish this early. Is it going to be hard. Is it going to be confusing and will that slow her ability to improve and be proficient in English and our native language? Also as we won't be able to practise Spanish with her - so would tha... More

TV or tablets? What do you use for your kids and is there a study which is better than the other for not straining the eyes. We end up using the phone or tablet coz it is more handy.

Loves bath time but hates when it is the day to wash her hair/head. My toddlers hair is kinda longish so we wash it likes twice a week but she hates it. She is happy with bath time all other days. Do any of you have similar experiences? How to make her comfortable. We have all the water color, ducks , cups, balls everything in the water but it's the water going on her hair to her face and s... More

Potty training-- i have some success to the extent that I get some pee and poop in the toilet but that's when i am asking my daughter to go use the toilet after every 30-40 minutes. She still doesn't know the urge or doesn't realize when she needs to go so we are having accidents in the pants every now and then. Any tips advice to 'train' that and how long before she get it?

What's a good restaurant to take a little one to celebrate their birthday? Restaurant catering to kids primarily but with decent food?

I can't seem to find this post but I am looking for a list or recommendations for good places in the city to host birthday parties for toddlers or young kids

Mother's day is around the block. What's your plan for the day. I have a toddler so can't expect much just yet!! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹Any interesting anecdotes from previous mother's day?

Has anyone tried this?

How can I bookmark posts in Winnie and be able to come back to them - posts about places to visit (restaurants or parks) , events and so on. Like a save feature or pin it feature?

Rainforest cafe- what's your opinion?

I cut off the edges on a bread slice for my daughter before giving it to her. Am I the one who's raising her to be a picky eater? 😳

Egg hunt? This will be our first one. Any suggestions where we could go ? Doing this too last minute.

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We went for a birthday πŸŽ‰ here today. It's a small sweet little place not very large and not a super lot to do but the ball pit was good fun and the slides. They had a small bouncy house and some toys books to play with. The hall where food or cake can be served was actually rather nice and can be decorated really well

Have any of you been to Lemos Farm in half moon bay. They have a deal on Groupon and I was wondering if it is as fun a place as it sounds from their description.

Tips on weaning needed. I have a toddler who know what she wants, how and when. She nurses once in the evening and then before going to bed and then few times through the night (she is rooting and comes over to me while half asleep (we co-sleep)) I tried yesterday to skip the after school and going to bed nursing sessions but she came on full force before waking up and I yielded coz she was... More

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Update: we went to splish splash today: theaters for toddlers. It was good fun. My 2yo really enjoyed it. The artist were really engaging and she got a chance to sing jump and play.

Planning to take my toddler for Splish splash- theater for toddlers on this weekend. Have any of you gone ?

What books do you read to your toddlers? We do picture books together but I haven't read stories or books to her yet and am thinking of starting to do that now. Which ones do you recommend and do you go all animated in your voices?

Howdy. My kid is the fussiest eater of all the kids I know. So I am constantly worried about her diet. Do any of you complement what you kid eats with multivitamins? If yes- which ones. Are those safe to give?

What are some good places in the city to hold/ host birthday parties for toddlers?

Where do you go for your kids hair cut. Mine cries a lot so want a baby friendly salon.

Hi. I want to teach my kid some musical instrument like piano or violin. Are there any places in the city I can take her to?

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