San Diego, CA

my daughter is almost one

My daughter is almost one year old she has eight teeth how do i introduce her to thick food or food that i eat....

Getting a job

I know this isnt baby related but i been going to job interviews non stop for almost a year now and i been dressing the part business casual attire but nobody wants to hire me. Am I doing something wrong or what? My daughter is almost one so i need to work now

food stain in bottles

Do anybody know how to get the food stains outta baby bottles?

Flu shot

I'm a first time mom. I was wondering if any other first time mom got their kids flu shot

My daughter will be 1 in two months

My daughter will be one in two months idk what to do for her birthday???

Baby Food

My daughter is 8 months bout to be 9 months I went to the store to go get her some more food for her I ended up getting her this roasted chicken with lil bits but when I tried to give it to her she acted like it was disgusting and wanted to throw up btw she has 5 teeth 3 on top 2 on bottom


My daughter is 9 months and me and my mom work and I'm trying to find an affordable childcare. Any suggestions that won't cost so much $$$$?

Just a question I'm a new mom

I was wondering if it's normal for infants to sweat alot when sleeping?

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