Portland, OR

Toddler playing in bed for 2+ hours. Help!

Hi everyone! I’m hoping for some advice. I’m out of ideas. My almost 2.5 year old has always been a pretty good sleeper. Bedtime is between 7pm-7:30pm and he wakes up between 6:30/7am. For the past two weeks he will roll around, sing songs, talk to his buddies (stuffed animals) and fight sleep in his crib past 9pm. It’s driving me crazy. He’s not upset...just having a party. He’s grumpy the nex... More

Potty Training

My little guy turned two a few weeks ago and is definitely showing signs he is ready to potty train. He has a verbal ability well beyond his age and always tells us when he has to pee or poop yet just doesn’t do it in the toilet quite yet. We practice sitting on the potty but we haven’t really forced yet. I am due with my second early next year so I would love to get him potty trained the summe... More

Hi all! My little guy is 21-months old and I am finally ready to ween him. We have had a wonderful and easy time breast-feeding but we plan to begin trying for a second child soon. I would like to have my body be just mine for a couple of months! My husband and I are going away, just the two of us, in a couple of weeks and I think this might be the perfect time. Has anyone tried to dry up your ... More

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