Woonsocket, RI

Hi, my name is Shay Monteiro. I have a lovely 2 years old girl named Helena!💜

2 year old kid at the movie theater!

Hello Moms. Me and my husband always loved to go to the movies, but since we haved our baby girl is kind of a problem. Since we just arrived in the country and have 0 family and friends here, and we don't have a baby sitter yet. Do you think is a problem, or the movie theaters will allowed a 2 year old kid in the movies? Of course that in will be in children's movies. She already love t... More

2 year old girl getting mad all the time!

Hello moms, I have one question: My daughter has 2 years and 2 months, and she just started to throw EVERYTHING on the floor, and she's getting a little bit aggressive. The speech therapist said that it must because of her speech delay. But I got know, does anyone is passing through the same thing?

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