Salem, OR

24, SAHM/part time admin asst. and youth vocal teacher. Love my little man, my main man, and pets (1 year old golden retriever and an orange tabby)

Random Let-Down

Has anyone else experienced this?: My 8 month old is on a feeding schedule, so my let down occurs during those times even if I'm away from him and have to pump later than the feeding time. The past two days I have had two random let downs at times that are not his normal feeding time. This has never happened to me before, so I wanted to see if I wasn't alone. I should mention that I... More

Protein Bars and Breastfeeding

Hi, ladies! I'm curious if protein bars alone for a meal supply enough nutrition for breastfeeding. My hubs and I are on Weight Watchers, and sometimes for lunch (not everyday) I'd like to have a protein bar with say some fruit and veggies. Its alot quicker for me since lunch generally falls during my 6mo's nap, and ya never know when a baby will wake up! I know I could meal prep,... More

Kristina recommended a place Jul 10, 2018


Love taking my dog here! My LO isn't old enough to play in the actual park yet, but I've taken kids I've babysat for there and the new playground is awesome! Lots of things to do there.

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