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Happy Mother’s Day!

To all the moms out there, you are loved and you are doing a great job! 💐


Wow guys, the threenager is real. Like a really real thing. I used to laugh when friends would talk about it. But my little munchkin is giving me serious attitude right now. The back talk is something else!! And I am not handling it well. I feel like this is giving me a glimpse into the future when he’s a teen and we are just not going to have a good time of it if I can’t get this figured out.... More

Vicki posted in Cute Oct 24, 2018

Hard to explain...

Just had to explain jousting to my inquisitive toddler. . That was some mental gymnastics but we both ended laughing! What’s something crazy you had to try and explain to your kiddo?

Hair Care

Anyone have a shampoo and conditioner that changed their life?

Has anyone used

Or a similar service? What was your experience?

Introducing reading and writing

Aside from reading to them, what are some things you do at home to help your kids learn to read and write?


To parents of toddlers, what do you do when your kid is playing with something and another kid snatches it from your kid and the other parent either doesn’t see or doesn’t say anything? This happened today and I stood back to let my kid try and figure it out. He was definitely taken aback and a little upset but he didn’t say anything and eventually picked up a different toy. I’m glad he didn... More

Formula Donation?

Anyone know of a place in San Diego that accepts formula donations? I tried Feeding San Diego but they said no.

Need eczema help!

My toddler’s summer eczema is flaring up big time! It is so red and painful and is spreading every day. His neck, chest and arms are practically raw. He has adverse reactions to hydrocortisone and calamine. We have tried all the eczema lotions and and layering with aquaphor but it’s just not working. I am going to try some pure aloe tonight but was looking for some other tried and true tip... More


My 2.5yr old doesn’t like vegetables anymore! He loves potatoes (of course) and sometimes he’ll eat carrots and avocado and rarely eat broccoli but he refuses to eat all the vegetables he used to like: Peas Corn Squash Sweet potato Cauliflower Green beans He won’t eat beets, mushrooms, spinach, peppers, tomatoes or cucumber. I’ve tried mixing things into sauces and muffins and meatballs b... More

Anyone dealing with sensory issues regarding toddlers and clothing? This is new behavior where clothes/tags are itchy and bothering him. It results in crying, screaming, tantrums and a little panic. It’s triggering my anxiety and I don’t think I have been handling it correctly. I want to make him feel comfortable and safe without turning this into an obsessive behavior.

Any tips for energy/motivation to work out in the evening? Now that I’m back at work again, I don’t have time to exercise in the morning like I had been (can’t wake up any earlier) and when I get home in the afternoon I want to spend time with my son. By the time I put him to bed I just want to sit down and relax. But I’m losing all the progress I’d made in the past few months. I started wea... More

We’re dealing with middle of the night waking (and staying up for hours) with our 23 month old. I can’t pin it down to any particular cause and nothing we try seems to help. Today I read a bit of advice that I wanted some feedback on. The article I read suggested just barely waking your toddler when you are going to bed. This is presuming they have already been asleep for a couple of hours. Y... More

That moment when your toddler has diarrhea and a slight fever... and you’re just crossing your fingers, toes and eyes that that’s the first and last of it!!! 😧😧😧

I’m looking for free classes/activities in the North County area for toddlers. I really want to expose my son to more group activities (beyond the park and library) but our budget is limited right now. Thanks!

About to do some early spring cleaning, where can I find the cheapest storage containers/bins?

Hi! So my 22 month old is really getting into Christmas and loves Santa but I want him to know that there’s more to it than that. Does anyone have any age appropriate (and not boring) book or video recommendations about the story of the birth of Jesus? Thanks!

Has anyone ever had a situation where your car has broken down when you have your baby in the car, you needed a tow and he no one else to come get you? How did you get the baby home in the car seat?

Any good recommendations for a scooter for a 22 month old? I know it sounds early but he’s already asking for a skate board and tries to ride on his trucks on one foot!

Ok, so here's a weird and random one for you... just watching a scary show, where a little kid has a bad nightmare. It brought me back to when I was between 4 and 12 years old when I had horrible nightmares, pretty regularly and often the same ones repeatedly. I think I had them partly because of what was going on at home and partly because of inappropriate media I was exposed to. But i... More

Anyone have suggestions for breakfast for a toddler? For some reason he is refusing to eat yogurt, cottage cheese, oatmeal, cereal, pancakes and waffles, previously all favorites. So everyday it's fruit, chicken sausage and cheese!

Does anyone have a recommendation for a great natural/mineral sunscreen for a toddler with eczema? We use Babyganics now and I like it but it seems like it might be drying out his skin too much!

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