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Amanda posted in Babies Jan 02

Anyone else experience this...

So my 11mo has caught some bug, we're in week 2. First week he got hives, hadn't had anything new so Dr and I chalked it up to probably the virus he had. First started with a little congestion and runny nose. Then hives and low grade fever. He still has congestion and runny nose. At first it didn't seem to affect his eating much. I noticed him maybe not eating the amount of baby foo... More

Sick baby

My poor 9mo has a cold. Runny nose and cough, no fever. He sleeps mostly solid first part of the night until early morning and he starts to cough that wakes him. I've been laying him bed with me a little elevated and tilted on his side. He seems to sleep a little better and then I can move him back to his bed. Any recommendations on anything else to help? I feel so bad when he wakes up so u... More

Best humidifier

Looking for recommendations on a good humidifier. My little man caught my cold and is all stuffed up and not happy. I've been doing the saline and suction but he isn't a huge fan of that. Been giving him Tylenol too because I can tell he just feels yucky, I know I did for a good few days. Any recommendations are appreciated! Thanks!

Sleep regression

My little man has started waking up during the night from sleeping all night. He is 7mo olds. I'm hoping it will pass. He still naps well during the day. He'll wake himself up moving his arms or legs a lot at night. Mostly early to mid morning. I normally wait and see what he does and if he starts crying and patting him on the leg and binky don't help I'll make him a few oz of ... More

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