Las Vegas, NV

Daycare issues

Ok so I am a work from home mom but I decided to sign my 19 month old up for daycare because I need him to be able to get out of the house and play with other children. This is his first week and he is having a rough start which has me very concerned. I am only doing half days three days a week as suggested by his teachers. Today is the third day and some things happened that deeply concerned... More

Activities for toddlers

Hi everyone :) I was hoping I could get some ideas on activities to do with an 18 month old. My son is an only child right now and I want to get him to interact with children. I have taken him to some play places but I feel like the kids don’t really want anything to do with him because they are a little older and don’t like to share. When I go the parents are all on their phones and the childr... More

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