Carmel, IN

Just a mom looking for fun activities to do with my toddler

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Play dates

Interested in scheduling some play dates with families. I’m 24 recently moved to Carmel, my son is 2 & a half. We don’t know anyone with children out here so we’re struggling to have friend time.

JJ posted in Clothes Nov 14, 2018

Weather appropriate clothes

I’m from Florida, this will be my second winter. I have a toddler and just need some tips and pointers on dressing him in this weather. I have no experience with snow or any temperatures below 50. So obviously we later but is all of the layers necessary when you mostly just go from house to car or car to store. Like long sleeves t, maybe 2, a thick warm sweater and then the coat?? Do you leave ... More

Mommy SOS

I need to know how parents stay energized and motivated. I have a toddler, three dogs (one is a foster that I’m still trying to find a permanent home for without having to take to pound or something else) and a cat.. I work 3 whole days and two half days a week and I have no energy to do anything even clean up the house most of the time.. I have severe anxiety so I’m trying to stay away from co... More

Where for toddlers to play in Carmel??

Where can I take my two year old to play/interact with other children his age? We’ve gone to the park but it’s always empty. He’s an only child and I’d like for him to start learning social skills. We’ve recently moved back here from a small town where we knew no one. Also what do you do with your kids in fall/winter?!?! I’m a Floridian and just have no clue what northerners do in cold weather!... More

I have a two year old who is a very picky eater & will basically only eat pbj.

Or muffins, pancakes, oatmeal, pop tarts, crackers, cereal... I have no idea what to do this has been going on for a while but * not just weeks or a month almost entirely the whole time he’s been on solids. Closer to the beginning of being of solids he would eat fresh fruit, cheese, nuts, yogurt, puffs ya know, he tried stuff. Never really cared for meat but neither do I. So I have no clue how ... More

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