Shillington, PA

Summer camps.

I’m looking for a summer camp for a 3 year old that is not fully potty trained. He is at bciu twice a week. But I’d like him to be in something else too. Or maybe even a sport of some sort. He is very wild and I need structure of some sort. Any suggestions?

Potty training.

So my son is three. We been potty training off and on since 2. Recently he has taken a liking to using the potty, and likes to stand and go. I’m glad. But he has his days where he will go every hour for me and then the next day he will only go once or twice. Any suggestions? I want him fully trained so I can put him in the day care by my home.


So my mom thinks it’s a good idea to take my son to a swimming class. But I have fear of drowning and I can’t handle it. Do I still take him so he can learn to swim,? Or do I hold him back because of my own fears.? I know this sounds stupid, but I’m just asking for advise.

Summer camps

Dose anyone know of a place that has a summer camp for 3 year olds, that is reasonable with pricing.


My son is 3 years old. The week before Christmas he started with a runny nose, then a cough. Last Wednesday I took him to patient first he had a rash all over his body. They told me it’s a virus it will pass in a few days. So a week goes by and he still has all the same things going on but the rash spreads one day his rase is really bad looking, then the next his legs are really bad. Took him t... More

What is there to do on a Sunday?

What is there to do on a Sunday with a three year old. I don’t wanna be outside because it’s way to chilly but I don’t wanna be stuck at my home all day either.

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