Troy, MI

Looking for recommendation for a place to buy birthday cake.

Nothing fancy but something nice for my 3yo daughter birthday. Close to Troy, Birmingham... Michigan. Thanks.

Birthday Party for toddlers near Troy/Birmingham MI

I am thinking about having a birthday party for my 3y old daughter. Any recommendation for a nice place for parties? Should be indoor due to weather conditions...

Humidifier “yes” or “no”?

We leave in Michigan, temperatures are getting low... started to use the heather on regular basis and felt that my toddler started to cough and demand more water than usual. This will be our first winter in such type of condition. Thought about using a humidifier to help her. But I also learned that humidifiers are not good for allergic kids, which is her case. Any advice?

How to dress my daughter to day care (cold days)?

Hi everyone, sorry if this is a stupid question for many of you ☺️. We have recently moved to the US coming from Brazil and I am struggling to better dress my two and half year old daughter properly to day care. Lowest temperatures in Brazil are like 50F... little diferente from here. Kkkkkk It’s 31F, I know that kids go play outside, but heat is already on. Put some tights, pants, socks... Is... More

Debora recommended a place Jul 26, 2018


Very nice place. Offers a nice schedule during the week and also on Saturday. My daughter just loved it.

Debora recommended a place Jul 20, 2018


Very nice for kids for all ages. Clean, good playground.

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