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This was shared to me on mama groups, happened in Bernal. We need to find the parents of this poor baby and get that nanny out ASAP. Please help spread the word.

Mary posted in Cute Jul 30, 2017

The face that makes it all worth it.

I am loving the photos from baby's 1 year photo shoot (taken at 11 months)! Sugarbaby Photography in San Mateo was fantastic to work with.

Looking for recommendations please! We have a very large area to gate off for baby, looking for free standing baby gate/fence ideas. I tried this one and it was broken on arrival so we have to send it back, plus it was really hard to open and close. I need to fence off the entire kitchen area and the area surrounding the ... More

I want to play but I'm sleepy but I want to play and I'm sleepy and....

Mary posted in Funny Jun 19, 2017

Anyone else's kid love to chew on their hair comb? Her Royal Tubbiness, Miss Squishypants the First (yes that's a real nickname!) seems to prefer this activity above all else...

When she's sleeping so hard that I took her out of the stroller and she's still asleep!

Mary posted in Cute Jun 06, 2017

My sweet little sailor!

Ideas for solid foods for a 9 month old? She loves to chew and gnaw on things, and I'm stuck in a rut of things to send to daycare.

I had a work function tonight so I did a video call with baby before bedtime. Love the effects you can get with Line video!

I was digging through old photos on my phone to find something, and then I saw pictures of my sweet baby when she was born. It seems so long ago, and it seems just like yesterday at the same time. Her face has changed so much, yet it's still her. Her beautiful eyes, her smile, the cheeks, the sweet button nose that looks just like her Daddy. Sitting in an empty conference room and holding b... More

My little scholar!

Baby said Mama today!!!!!!! 😍

Mary posted in Funny May 27, 2017

Fell asleep mid munch!

Mary posted in Funny May 27, 2017

I sleep wherever I can.

Last night I got dressed up, did my hair, put on makeup and heels, and went out at 10 pm to a bar for a friend's event. It was the first time in over a year I was out and about, and it made me realize how much I needed some social interaction. Couldn't piece together two sentences and probably bored everyone with the zillion pics of my baby. Oops.

For Anne - the Totoro hat that goes with the onesie :)

I thought the Plum Organics savory pouches would be a good idea - who doesn't like the thought of turkey and peas and carrots and other veggies? OMG it tastes and smells terrible. I taste all her food and won't feed it to her if I don't think it tastes good. I don't blame my normally voracious eater for turning up her cute nose at this stuff though. It smells and tastes like bar... More

Mary posted in Cute May 22, 2017

There was ice cream on this spoon once. I'm trying to see if I got all of it.

I hate Sunday nights 😡 Sunday nights mean I have to pack baby's food for daycare on Monday. That means that for another whole five days I get very little time with my sweet little girl before I get two amazing days of giggles and smiles and sunshine. It's so hard to part from her. I thought it would get easier as she gets older. Sniffle.

Mary recommended a place May 20, 2017


Super friendly service and the roast chicken is to die for!

Medicine is amazing and I'm feeling so much better! Thank you!!

Mary posted in Cute May 17, 2017

Don't go anywhere mommy, I'm sick.

Baby's ear infection #2. Poor kiddo. 😭

Baby cut her first tooth today!!

It's Monday and I had to send my sweet baby off to daycare. Missing her like crazy - all them feels! Weekends are way too short to soak up all the smiles and giggles.

Mary posted in Funny May 14, 2017

I've been watching baby roll over in her crib, bump her head, wake herself up, and fall back asleep in a nonstop loop for the last hour. Am I a bad mom for thinking this is hilarious?

Took baby to Dave and Busters, turns out she's a freakin genius at coin pusher games - the kind where you insert a coin and try to get the bar to push coins over the edge. This particular one dropped the coins when you push a button, and baby would nonchalantly push it and hit all the bonuses. She got 400+ coins with just 100 coins! Maybe this is her future.

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PSA : there's an 85c bakery in the Serramonte Shopping Center!

Does anyone need a walker? It doesn't work very well on our carpets, would rather have it go to a good home.

Grateful for every day that baby isn't teething or crawling yet - that's one more day of my tiny tot just being a little little baby. Let me enjoy this stage a wee bit longer!!

Mary recommended a place May 11, 2017


My daughter has been attending Apple Tree Daycare since February and we absolutely love it here. The facilities are spacious, bright and immaculately clean. The teachers love children and lavish them with individual attention. And my baby adores her teachers - she lights up every day when she sees them! Every day at dropoff and pickup we have a quick chat with Jasmine, the director, who takes t... More

I can't wait until baby turns 1 and can eat normal food / drink cow milk. Bye bye pumping, bye bye having to pack food every day for daycare (they provide all meals and snacks from 1 year and up). Only 3.5 months left to go!

Mary posted in Funny May 09, 2017

I just couldn't help myself. Bib over head = cutest babushka! She cracks me up.

Does anyone have a rocking horse for their baby? I'm tempted by this one: . So cute!

Day 1 of solo parenting is done, 1.5 days more to go before hubby gets back from his business trip. So far so good, but dreading the daycare dropoff as usually that's hubby's job while I sleep in for an extra hour. Will have to resort to caffeine for the next few days to power through. Send ☕️, lots of ☕️.

When do babies drop their third nap? Google search is all over the place, some telling me that they absolutely need to drop their nap by 8 months, some saying by 6, some saying closer to 12. And once she drops that third nap, I should be moving her bedtime earlier to compensate? When do I move it back? So confusing! My baby usually sleeps 1.5-2 hours in her morning nap, 30 min - 1 hr in her ... More

You know you have a baby in the house when you find Cheerios in the most random corners. 🤔


Weekends seem too short and I always feel sad on Mondays when I have to give up time with baby. This feeling is getting stronger and stronger and I would dearly love to quit my job and stay home for all the snuggles and giggles. Alas, bills and debt mandate me working. It's not even Sunday and I'm blue 😢

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