Mount Pleasant, SC

I’m a first time Mom to a baby boy & a stay at home Wife.

Recommendations for MMO or Part Time Childcare in Mt. Pleasant

Hi! My family and I just moved in here and we're looking for a good part time daycare / childcare or Mommy's Morning Out Program for our toddler. I'm a SAHM but needed a break or do errands once in awhile. I've looked on a few options online but would appreciate a few recommendations here. Thank you!

Advice & Tips in what to look for in a Nursery/Daycare for 2 yr olds & up

Hi! FTM & SAHM here to my 18 month old toddler boy. Been researching all about nursery & daycares for 2 year old lately. I prefer something part time & a 2 day per week only, as I don’t intend to work full time & probably will look for a home based job. The reason I’m looking for a part time nursery & daycare is just to get a few hours of sanity back & be able to do othe... More

Father’s Day Board Books for Toddlers?

Father’s Day is this week! Just want to add in a board book that my toddler & his daddy will enjoy reading together. Any suggestions? My toddler is currently 17 months but he enjoys reading & listening to his daddy read. Thanks!

When & how did you teach your baby/toddler to use utensils for self feeding?

My 16 mo toddler has been doing well with self feeding using his hands since he was 9 mo, when we started more varieties of solid foods & less purees. I used to let him hold a spoon then which always ends up just him playing with it. He’s starting to listen & understand more lately. I was hoping I can start teaching him with at least using a spoon. Just need ideas how & when did you... More

Do you give your toddler below 2 yo Cheerios or any other boxed cereal?

Just curious! How young did you start your toddler on Cheerios or any other boxed cereal? I always prepared his meals from scratch but some of his snacks are store bought like puffs & they’re expensive especially if like my toddler who can easily finish them. Was considering Cheerios lately as I noticed some toddlers eat them but not sure how young they start. Plus, I love my Cheerios, haha... More

What’s your toddler’s favorite store bought snacks?

I have a 1 year old boy who’s just started to snack more besides meals & as much as I want to prepare most of his food at home & from scratch, it’s not always the case. So far, he have only tried puffs (store bought), he didn’t like the arrowroot biscuits as much. I’m wondering what other store bought snacks that other toddlers likes around 1 year old & up? I do give him sandwiches,... More

Recommendations for Toddler Whole Milk?

Just wanted to know what milk you give your toddlers 1 yr old & up after they’re done with breast milk or formula milk. Mine is formula fed since he was 5 months. We’re about to transition to whole milk. There are so many types & brands. Also, there’s the big brand names toddler formulas which they market as to have all the nutrients, boost immune system, etc. Any recommendations? Thanks!

When did you start potty training & any tips/advice/recommendations?

Yes my son just turned 1 yrs old but I’m getting curious about how early can we start potty training? I heard somewhere that you can start before they turned 2 yrs old. Also, there are some daycares who prefer potty trained toddlers. Any tips, advice & recommendations about potty training? Thanks!

What’s your 1 year old daily schedule like ie nap time, meals, activities, etc?

Hi! Looking for reference or sample that I can update my 1 year old’s daily schedule. He still naps twice a day but we’ll probably moved to 1 nap soon. I need some ideas especially daily activities, meal times, snack times, bath times, etc. FTM & SAHM here! Thank you!

When & how did your baby start drinking milk in a cup or straw bottle?

My 10 month old enjoys drinking water after meals in a cup. We’re currently using the 360 cup which is like sipping in a regular cup, he hates the other sippy cups and just like to drink from a cup directly. I’m just curious if I can slowly make him drink his milk as well through a cup or a straw bottle. I saw a toddler but I don’t know the age drinking milk in a straw bottle. I read somewhere ... More

Which rides (theme parks, etc) have you taken your baby/toddler under 2 yrs old & where?

Just curious, has anyone taken their little ones under 2 yrs old to a ride in a theme park or at the mall (like a carousel/train)? I have a 10 month old & my husband & I wanted to go to a theme park soon. How young can a baby take a certain ride, which ones & what theme parks have you taken them? I know my husband & I can take turns watching our baby while the other take the rid... More

Recommendations for resources (books, blogs, websites, etc) on Baby/Toddler recipes?

Help! My almost 10 month old is becoming picky. I’ve been introducing him to 2 ingredient meals but he doesn’t like some of it. I make most of his meals at home but we do introduce him to table food now whenever we’re out. Just need to know if there’s any good resources (books, blogs, websites, etc) for babies / toddler recipes that they’ll really eat & enjoy. Btw I’m doing both purées &... More

What are your daily routines/schedule like with your babies-toddlers 10mos & up?

A friend of mine shared this as my almost 10 mos old baby boy is becoming more active & mobile each day. He’s been crawling, standing & cruising for a month now & the things I usually do with him seems not enough. Just would like to hear ideas of how your daily routine/schedule is with your babies-toddlers. Thanks!

Gift ideas / suggestions for 1st birthday (boy)!

Hi! Looking into some gift ideas/suggestions for my baby boy’s 1st birthday. At the moment, he has tons of toys. So I’m not sure if it should be another toy or something else? Thanks!

Recommendations for indoor playground/gym for babies-toddlers?

We recently have tried the Pretend City, We Play Loud & Gymboree Play and Music for our more mobile & active 9 month old baby boy who’s crawling & standing supported. I just want to hear from other parents out there if you have any recommendations or experience with any indoor playground or gym for babies-toddlers. My baby liked & enjoyed them all but of course, they’re pricey e... More

How often do you bathe your crawling/walking baby/toddler?

I have a 9 month old crawling & walking assisted/supported baby. I still fully bathe him only 3x a week & a sponge bath w/ soap in wash cloth at night. Our pediatrician mentioned to us that daily baths can cause dry skin to babies but I haven’t asked him recently about hygiene & bathing for crawling/walking babies. Thanks!

How to pack & travel homemade baby food?

Just starting on 2 meals with my baby & been giving him homemade baby food. Usually I made good for at least a week of baby food & keep them frozen. Then I use the stovetop to defrost them. My dilemma is being out & about during the day & now at 2 meals. I need to keep the food in fridge like temp then serve it warm. But once it’s out in fridge like temp ie like a cooler bag. I ... More

Venue suggestions for a Baptism / Christening Reception?

Looking for ideas & suggestions where to have a baptism / christening reception ie restaurants, gardens, etc for 9-10 pax. I prefer less hassle, more of an outdoor setting, for lunch or dinner. Thank you!

Babies under 1 Swimming Must Haves, Do’s & Don’ts?

I have an 8 mos old baby boy who hasn’t been to the pool ever since & I just recently let him dip his feet & touch the pool water, it was during the afternoon, so the water was more warm, it wasn’t a heated pool. We’re a bit hesitant to let him at the apartment pool besides that it’s not heated, it’s obviously a public pool though it has a very shallow part for toddlers. How did you i... More

Recommendations for CA Fall Clothes for Babies under 1?

I’m a FTM & just moved here in CA last year when I was pregnant so I was feeling warm all throughout fall season & just started to appreciate the cooler weather early winter. It’s my baby’s 1st Fall this year & I’m wondering what should I make him wear around October-November. I noticed a lot of baby clothing stores now are introducing Fleece instead of just Cotton on baby clothes. ... More

Kristin recommended a place Aug 11, 2018


My 7 mos baby boy really enjoyed his day here! Fun, interactive & a good indoor learning & play area for babies, toddlers & kids! Lots of different activities & plenty of toys too! A nice cooler alternative to play & learn especially during this hot summer days. Worth the $12.50 entrance, babies 12 mos under are free. They also have an annual membership option.

Any recommendations for indoor play area, gym, pool, library, etc for babies?

I have a 7 mos old active baby boy who likes to go out, play & socialize. I usually take him out to nearby parks, playground, library & beach. But since the hot summer days have started, it’s been challenging. He hates the hot summer weather. I’ve never tried taking him to an indoor baby gym, play area, pool, etc that has activities, toys & babies around his age to toddler age. Any... More

Did your baby skip crawling & went straight to standing & walking?

I’ve been trying my best to do tummy time & now crawling w/ my 7 mos old since he was born. But ever since, like most babies I guess, he hates being in his tummy even w/ any toys or props. He prefers to stand & move his feet, supported. I’ve been trying to teach him to crawl but today, as we were trying to do some crawling exercise, he supported himself unto me from sitting position &am... More

Toddler Bed / Twin Bed recommendations for tall babies?

I know this seems a bit early to ask as my baby is just turning 7 mos old this August. He’s currently sleeping in a standard sized pack n play as besides we live in a 1 bedroom apartment, I wasn’t comfortable using a crib because of my personal viewpoint about it ie dealing with the crib slats without bumpers. Anyway, my baby was consistently on the 70-75% percentile in height & weight si... More

Any advice/tips for bringing a baby to Disneyland (full day)?

So my parents are visiting us & my 20 yr old sis is coming too & she loves theme parks! Knowing her, she would definitely stay there whole day til it closes & make sure she rides everything. Since our baby was born, my husband & I have never been in a theme park & bringing a baby there to spend a full day seems challenging. Especially that our baby has recently been sleep tr... More

Baby wearing can actually help in weight loss!

Yes I just discovered this yesterday when my 6 mos baby was screaming at the grocery & luckily I have my K-Tan carrier with me, so I baby wear him all the way home instead of putting him in his stroller. It’s usually just a 15 min walk but since he’s almost 20 lbs, it took me almost 30 min trying to push the stroller & making sure I don’t trip & walked safely. I’m not used to carryi... More

Any tips, advice & info about Post C-Section Exercise especially Abs & Core?

Just wondering if anyone have tried & succeeded doing an effective post c section exercise especially abs / core workout? I’ve succeeded on doing more cardio & bit of strength workouts but struggling on abs / core workouts bcos there’s still that “tingling” (bit of pain, maybe 1/10) sensation where my incision is & I’m being cautious bcos it’s my 1st c section pregnancy though I’m o... More

Until when can you send out baby birth announcements?

My baby just turned 6 mos & yes, I’m still about to make & send out birth announcements / thank you cards to family & friends. I googled the etiquette and it says it's okay until 6 months. I’m not really familiar with the details of birth announcements and thank you cards as a full time mom. Is it too late to send them now? I feel like it’s better late than never. Thanks!

How do you clip your baby’s nails if they’re sleep trained?

My baby is almost 6 mo & we sleep trained him 3 weeks ago. So now he sleeps on his own in his crib both for daytime naps & bedtime. My dilemma now is how do I clip or trim his nails if he’s not sleeping anymore in my arms like he used to before sleep training. My husband & I tried that he’s holding the baby while I tried to clip & trim baby’s nails but he just moves a lot. Help pls! Thanks!

6-12 months baby toy must haves?

My almost 6 mos old baby boy gets bored easily & he doesn’t have that many toys yet. Most of his current toys were given to us as gifts from family & friends. We wanted to get him something that he could use, play, learn & be entertained by for the coming months but there’s so many toys out there. Any recommended 6-12 mos toys that are your baby’s favorite & worth the cost? Btw,... More

First Solid Food Must Haves?

My baby will be 6 mos soon & we’re preparing for his solid food. Any recommended items like feeder, food storage, spoons, plates / bowls, etc? There’s so many products (& brands) out there that we don’t know where to start. Also if you know any websites, social media groups or books that’s all about baby solid food. Thank you!

Sleep Training my 5.5 MO baby boy

We started last friday & his sleep including naps are getting better. My husband & I finally can get better sleep & time for ourselves. I can’t thank enough the winnie member who posted this facebook group “Respectful Sleep Training / Learning”. I highly recommend to check them & join. Very helpful group with lots of informations & you got a strong support for sleep training... More

Any recommendations on good teething toys, products, etc?

My 5.5 month old doesn’t like much the teethers we gave him. Instead he prefers non teethers like hard toys & even furnitures (wood coffee table & chairs!). It’s only his first teething. Thanks!

Help! How do you introduce house guests to your baby without changing their routines?

I have a 4 month old baby boy who’s active & sociable. He does enjoy going to the park, playground, storytelling time at the library & running errands with us. He likes to smile, interact & even laugh with strangers whether they’re babies or adults. Recently, his grandparents visited us & he was still his usual active & sociable personality but his feeding & sleeping dec... More

What’s your baby’s favorite bedtime story?

My baby loves books & storytelling time. His favorite is during bedtime wherein I get to read him “Goodnight Moon” for like the Nth time. Any suggestions on a good book to read for babies especially for bedtime.

Help! My baby who’s turning 4 mos next week & he started to decline on his feedings just this week. He’s a big boy so we’re used that he can finish a total of 40 oz a day (6 oz X 8 feedings) based on his weight. But just this week he slowly would not finish a bottle or even not drink one. He drinks more milk during the day as he sleeps longer at night now. Btw, I give him breastmilk & s... More

Any good pediatrician doctor recommendation near Costa Mesa? My husband want to change our doctor. Also, we suspect our baby might be tongue tied, so a pediatrician who looks into this or specializes on this matter is what we prefer.

For bilingual / multilingual families out there, how early did you incorporate or teach another language to your babies? I’m a SAHM & my husband works during the day. He strongly encouraged me to introduce another language to our baby. But I’m anxious if I’ll do it correctly & if it will benefit him. Also, I’m not sure how good I’ll be switching over two different languages. Any insight... More

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