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Favorite games or toys for toddlers?

Our son is almost two and a half. We’re looking for fun games for him. We subscribed to kiwi crate but he wasn’t really into those. Would love any ideas!

Tram posted in DIY Jan 08, 2019

Photo printing and photo frames

I would like to start decorating our home with family photos. Anyone have good suggestions for where to print larger photos of different sizes, and also where to buy nice frames that aren’t budget busting? Ty in advance.

Tram recommended a place Oct 20, 2018


Our two year old son has been attending Storybrook for about a month now. We absolutely love it - the Directors, Johanna and Olivia, seem to really enjoy working with kids. In addition to running the school they also teach - which we love. Every member of the staff is friendly and are really attentive with the kids. It’s a Reggio Emilia based program and they offer full time care (m-f 8-6). The... More

25% Trade in program on now at Toys R us - through March 18th. Has anyone done this? Does it really work? Any gotchas?

Things I wished I'd known about sooner. This pop n play is lightweight, comes with a canopy and cushy floor. Can use it around the house or take on the go. Talk about lifesaver!

Favorite music for babies? I love the kiboomers but want to mix it up.

Our best baby hack yet - for those little crawlers in hardwood floor households. 10 bucks in Amazon for a pack of 3!

What's your favorite find a babysitter app? We're trying urban sitter for the first time today. Would welcome any tips!

Heading to Santa rose for a weekend and looking for a sitter to watch our 8 month old son for an evening at the airbnb where we'll be staying. Any advice on where we can find one?

Need to start supplementing with formula. Did about 15 mins of research on this before I went dizzy with all the options and information (apparently palm oil is the devil but all the brands have it in the ingredient list??). What's your top choice, and thoughts on the benefit/value of organic vs. regular? Thanks!

Baby is just starting solids and we're still working on a good schedule for milk / solids / sleep. What are your schedules like?

Anyone here have experience with Golden Gate Mothers Group? Is it worth it?

I just wanted to make a plug for fruit picking farms in Brentwood (the area just an hour east of San Francisco). There are 40 farms and many of them offer u-pick options for fruits like cherries, peaches, etc. Such a fun place to take the family - my husband and I can't wait to go this year! Most farms start opening this month. Some tips: - It does get hot so bring plenty of water and s... More

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The owner Sharone is a former doula. Super knowledgeable about kids products and general care taking. Offers a wide range of classes and space for free mommy meet ups. Her email newsletter has some really helpful tips and pointers to parenting resources.

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