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Cold & breastfeeding

Hi, So I’ve had a bad cold that has been lingering for about 2 weeks (runny nose, bad cough, sneezing, congestion and phlegm - sorry tmi). My 3 month old exclusively drinks breastmilk (from a bottle). I’m not taking any medicine or over the counter meds. Other than taking more vitamin c ( ie tangerines, oranges, grapefruits)...does anyone have any other natural recommendations that are ok when... More

Cynthia recommended a place Dec 18, 2018


My son was with Shawnta for 2+ years up until he started preschool. This is a great daycare, great workers and a large space for the kids. Shawnta is a great daycare teacher, she’s very understanding and is always available. If I could I would rate 10 stars!!!

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