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Changing career

I've been a SAHM for 2 years now and am desperate to go back to work. I was a lawyer before and my husband is also a lawyer. His job requires travel for days at a time probably once a month but he could also have to do trials in other parts of the country, which could be weeks (he just started this job so we don't know exactly how many trials there will be in other states). He also will... More

Cooperation from a 3 yo...(yes, I realize that's basically impossible lol)

My 3-yo son has been refusing to nap for maybe 6 months now. Occasionally he'll fall asleep, but mostly I've just enforced an hour of "rest time," both for him and for my own sanity. For a few months afternoon nap/rest time worked great - he would stay in his room and read or play quietly. Then all of a sudden he now refuses to stay in his room while I'm putting his sister... More

How do you sleep train and wean from breastfeeding?

I'm not a single mom, but the way my husband "helps" with our 1-yo daughter at night makes me one overnight at least. He's supposed to have the 10:00-2:00 shift while i have 2:00-6:00 (and beyond bc I'm a SAHM), with the theory that if she wakes up earlier in the night and doesn't get me/the boob/fed, maybe she'll learn how to stay asleep on her own. (He also chose... More

Preschooler socializing

My son is 34 months and loves other kids as well as playing by himself or with Mommy, Daddy, and his 11mo sister. He goes to preschool in the morning M-F and we are told he has made good friends with a few kids, but is a friend to all in the class. I'm really proud of him on that front because I have always been shy and had trouble making and keeping friends. My husband is very outgoing and... More

Does anyone know of therapists/counselors/psychologists who provide childcare while you're in a session? It seems to me that this could be a huge untapped resource as I cannot seem to find anything anywhere. The reason I was looking is because my husband and I seriously need couples therapy and can't afford a babysitter @ $10/hr (so $20) plus a $30 copay just for once weekly appointment... More

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