Holly Springs, GA

Sudden toddler sleep issues

My son just turned 2 and he has been a rockstar sleeper from the very beginning. He started sleeping through the night on his own by 3 weeks. Now, all of the sudden he cries and cries when put down. First it was just bedtime and now it’s nap too. I think at first he had a bad dream because he woke up screaming and terrified. Ever since though, nap and bedtime are a constant struggle. He cries a... More

I could use some help! My son just turned 2 and has become extremely picky about food

Over the last 6 months my son has stubbornly refused anything new. He used to be a great eater and now he cries and screams if I even offer him something he doesn’t recognize. At breakfast and lunch i make things I known he likes but at dinner he gets what the rest of us are eating. At least 6 nights a week he doesn’t eat dinner at all and he’s under weight. The doctor said he needs a multi vit... More

Preschool prices

I’m getting ready to start preschool at age 2 for my son before baby 2 arrives, mostly so I can get some rest and space with the newborn. But I also want it to be educational not just daycare. Cost is definitely a factor for us. I’d like to get him in a 2 or 3 days a week program, maybe just half days. What do you pay for preschool and for how many days/hours? I found one nearby that looks grea... More

Double stroller

Hey parents! I have a one year old and a baby on the way. I’d like to use the britax b-safe car seat for the new baby and I’m looking for a double stroller that the car seat will lock into with a separate seat for my toddler. There are too many out here, will other brands work with a britax car seat? I prefer a narrow stroller, not side by side. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!

Help needed from those who have cruised with an infant! We’re leaving on a cruise with my 10 month old on Sunday and I just found out my niece has strep throat, she was touching and snuggling the baby yesterday. I know strep isn’t common for babies but just in case, does anyone know if Royal Caribbean ships have antibiotics for babies? I called and after extensive hold time they still don’t hav... More

Not to get too sappy here, but I have to say I so appreciate this app! My husband and I moved to GA last year for a great (but very demanding and time consuming) job opportunity for him, and with the move I left my job, friends and pre baby lifestyle behind to become a SAHM. It’s been really tough and lonely. I have no idea what I’m doing, but the advice, shared experiences and encouragement I’... More

Hey everyone! We are taking our 10 month old on a cruise with my extended family to celebrate my dad’s retirement (yay!) but it’s our first vacation with baby. It’ll be his first time away from home, first time on a plane and ship (and there’s no target aboard). I’m trying to be as prepared as possible. Any tips for traveling with a 10 month old? He’s mobile, fast and wants to touch/taste every... More

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