San Francisco, CA


Recommendations for teaching a toddler how to swim

When do people start teaching toddlers how to swim? My 20 month old enjoys splashing about but we haven’t started formal lessons yet. Also any places/teachers recommended?

Dogs matter more than kids?

Hiya! I am tired of off leash dogs jumping my toddler at beaches in SF. Most owners don’t seem to have any control over their dogs who are giddy with freedom at a beach. It doesn’t help that SF does not have designated off leash areas, but all dog friendly areas. For that matter, they don’t have ‘’reserved for kids” areas too. The city doesn’t care about being kid friendly as much as pet friend... More

Upper back pain

Hi I had a c section and my kid is now 19 mnth old. My breast size has reduced several sizes after breastfeeding. I have done tonnes of PT exercises, got bra fittings done, tried everything but i still have upper back pain. any tricks or tips from fellow sufferers?

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