Sacramento, CA

First time, single mom. Delilah is my beautiful daughter. I am 23 years old

Baby down..

My dog knocked over my daughter and she hit her face on a shelf. Now she has a black eye.. I put frozen peas on it (she keeps trying to eat them lol) and swelling went down some. It doesn’t seem like it hurts anymore. But I’m so afraid of going out in public and someone thinking I hurt her. She has a birth mark on her other eye and some lady at the park was going to call CPS on cause of that. A... More

Formula on mattress!

Got some formula on my mattress. I cleaned it up the best I could. Now there’s a stain and a smell. Any suggestions?

How long do babies remember being in your tummy?

My daughter is a year old now and sometimes when she’s sleepy she will kiss my belly then lay her head on it. Just curious to know if she still remembers or is just being cuddly ❤️

Dirty nails

I’ve been having a hard time getting dirt from under my daughter’s nails. I’m embarrassed people might think I don’t bathe her. I’ve even used a wet toothbrush to scrub it out, it cleans a lot of it. But not everything. Plus my daughter HATES. Any advice?

Baby weight

Dose anyone have any advice on losing the baby weight, I’m having such a hard time with it. I work out and run almost every day. I’m doing every diet out there. I’m mentally giving up. How did you ladies do it?

Rainbow baby

Is a rainbow baby only after a stillborn or miscarriage?


My ex is trying to get custody over my daughter. We were never married and he’s not even on the birth certificate. How long does this process take? He has anger issues can I request him go get help before taking my daughter? I’ve called and asked a couple attorneys and family law services but I’m still waiting for a response back.

Single mom in need of help..

So my daughter’s father wants to be able to take her soon, alone. He’s only come back into her life about a month ago. He’s probably only helped by giving me 100 bucks. He doesn’t know how to do anything. Whenever we talk about I feel like he pressures me into saying yes. I get so much anxiety talking to him that he tends to get what he wants. We are supposed to together tomorrow so I can show ... More

New formula

I am a new mother and just got on the wic program and the formula they offer isn’t the one I normally use. My daughter doesn’t seem like it too much. How should I get her used to it? Any advice? What should I look out for when switching?

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