Anaheim, CA

Baby sitter in need

Anyone know of a good bi lingual (Spanish) English baby sitter. Sign language is a plus. We are looking for someone to start soon since my partner is going back to work. Please let us know. Much appreciated.


Looking for other twin parents. My partner (wife) & I are going crazy with our twin boy/girl of 3 months. If anything lead us to the right day care or night shift nanny lol.

Hyperactive during night feeding

Anyone experience their baby acting hyper active during or after an early (1 am-5am) feeding? My partner & I just had twins (3 months old) and the only way to calm one of them is breast feeding her after her feed. SN: I do offer extra breast milk in her bottle but she doesn’t take and cries for her moms teet (milk boob). Since I am back at work, Early mornings is my only shift to help my p... More

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