La Puente, CA

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My oldest child (who is 18) is leaving for college in less than four weeks. She’s moving to live on-campus about three hours north of here. I just had a baby too! (Past July). I have a 17 year old, an 8 year old, and a 1-month old at home. Am I supposed to feel too sad about this or am I overreacting since it’s just a few hours north (Santa Barbara)? Has anybody been through this?

Baby stomach pain with formula milk

UPDATE: thank you all for sharing tips! I tried the gentle ease; however, it made it worse. A trip to the doctor showed me that my baby’s lactose intolerant so I’ll be switching to soy-based formula. Thanks! 😘 My baby just turned one month old and every time I feed him Enfamil Infant Powder Formula, he cries and his face scrunches in pain and he has strong bowel movements. When I give him brea... More

Maribel recommended a place Aug 28, 2018


Been here with small kids. Nothing too spectacular- it’s a small zoo with mostly farm animals and nothing exotic (chickens, rabbits, horses). Good for a small get-together. The train ride is great. I think it’s smart to have it located in a park and it offers horse rides as well. Next to a batting cage that kids love.

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