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I'm a mom of 3(and a husband 😂). SAHM

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Help me!

My son is 20 months and he WILL NOT SLEEP!! When I say will not sleep I mean really wont sleep. He was up last night from 1-6am, rarely naps. And when he’s up from 1-6 he’s screaming or standing in his crib not even laying down, not falling asleep. I don’t get it. I feel like I have tried everything. Is something wrong with him? I think it’s his 18 month sleep regression 🤷🏼‍♀️. Whatever ... More

Anyone else’s baby getting their molars and hardly sleeping?? It’s driving me crazy. He’s 15 months and he also just started walking. Please tell me he will start sleeping again😳. I’m exhausted!

Anyone constantly get mastitis? I’ve breast fed all three of my kids and never had mastitis with my first two. Now this one I have had it 5 times and he is a year old. He is constantly biting me. I distract,and say no but he will fall asleep and bite down super hard sometimes.and within a couple days of that I wake up with mastitis. It is not fun. I breastfed all my kids for two years and... More

I’m trying to figure my children out...but how often do you children puke and when they do how many times? I think my kids are getting migraines. Just need some comparisons 🤔

Anyone have tips on helping out a 5 year old with has anxiety? I have it myself and it kills me how now my son is struggling with it😢. He goes so far as to making himself puke when he is anxious. I try reassuring him, redirecting and a few other things and nothing seems to help...any ideas or experiences anyone can share would be appreciated!

Long story short.... I need some advice. My mother in law wants my kids to sleep over.. but she recently remarried and I get a super creepy feeling from her husband. My therapist says I should absolutely not let my kids around this guy, which I totally agree with. But how do I say that?? My husband has said stuff but she still asks me all the time if they want to sleep over. I’m running ou... More

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