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Educational/Learning Apps?

With most schools closed right now due to COVID-19, I’m wondering if anyone has recommendations for educational/learning apps for kids of various ages? I know that Duolingo is a great second language learning app for older kids, but are there any foreign language learning apps for younger kids? What about apps that teach STEM/STEAM/coding lessons?

Crafts using household items?

Cabin fever is definitely starting to set in as social distancing continues! I don’t want to make an unnecessary run to the craft store, so I’m wondering if anyone has ideas for crafts & activities that can be put together using household items? So far we’ve made “telescopes” using empty toilet paper & paper towel rolls (which we decorated using markers), we’ve baked cookies from scratc... More

Play dates during Coronavirus closures?

I’m wondering if it’s safe to schedule play dates during this time? Since schools are closed, I know that kids are going to become restless and want/need socialization. What are some precautions that can be taken to have safe play dates? Should I ask the other parent if everyone in the home is healthy and hasn’t had recent contact with anyone infected with COVID-19? Is it okay to ask the other ... More

Things to do with kids during Coronavirus closures

I am trying to brainstorm ideas for how to entertain kids who are stuck at home because of school/daycare closures. I found this article with a lot of great ideas, such as cooking/baking projects and dressing up in costumes and doing crafts. What are some things that you anticipate doing with your little ones during Coronavirus closures? More

Best language to learn?

The little boy I babysit just started taking an extracurricular Spanish class, on top of his regular Korean lessons. I know that it’s best to learn additional languages as a child because of retention. I’m curious to know about the languages other children are learning? When I lived in Austin, Mandarin was very popular for young kids because there was an organization that conducted play-based l... More


I know that there is a lot of buzz about Coronavirus right now, so I wanted to start a thread on how to prepare for it. "Officials said that Americans should continue to practice protective measures -- hand-washing, staying home from work when sick -- while local officials should make sure systems are in place -- teleschooling, working remotely -- should face-to-face interactions need to... More

Deciding on the right type of childcare for your family

How were you able to decide which type of childcare was right for you? There seem to be so many choices, from private nannies to nanny shares to in-home daycares to daycare centers to co-working spaces that have childcare. What factors did your family take into consideration when deciding on the type of childcare to choose?

Valentine's Crafts & Ideas

Valentine's Day is two weeks away and I'm wondering if anyone has ideas for some great Valentine's-themed crafts, snacks, etc? I love making pink cupcakes (with food coloring) and making homemade Valentine's Day cards. What are some other unique and festive ideas?

Parenting with Pain/Injury/Chronic Illness

To preface, I don't have kids of my own yet. But I am at the stage of life (late 20's/early 30's) when I'm beginning to seriously consider starting a family. One thing that I have always been cautious about is a chronic injury that I have. As a teenager, I was a gymnast/diver and ruptured several discs in my lumbar spine that have left me with chronic pain. I have always been ne... More

Unique Extracurricular Ideas?

I'm interested in finding unique extracurricular activities for kids (approximately toddler through grade school.) I know that a lot of programs offer sports like soccer, basketball, swimming. And then there are language courses for kids, usually Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, and French. But I'm wondering if there are parents/caregivers out there who have found really unique activities for... More

Tipping the Sitter

I am scheduled to babysit for a family tonight, and one of the parents just let me know that they will pay my base rate plus a tip at the end of the night. I've had other families give a tip, but most of the families for whom I babysit don't offer tips in addition to my hourly rate. I'm curious to know if tipping the babysitter is a relatively common practice? I'm also curious t... More

Favorite 2019 Moments

With both the year and the decade ending in a few hours, I’m wondering what everyone’s favorite moments/memories/experiences with their kids were in 2019? I’d love to hear them! My favorite moment was when 6yoM lost his first tooth 🦷 😃

Creative ways to eat nutritiously?

Post-holidays, I know that there is a lot of talk about eating nutritiously. I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for "stealthily healthy" and creative snacks? Ways to encourage kids to eat greens and other nutritious items? Previously, I've baked avocado and spinach/kale into brownies, and "hidden" greens in fruit smoothies. Then there's always the classic &q... More

Amanda recommended a place Dec 23, 2019


I love United Skates of America! The vibe is very reminiscent of the skating rinks I used to go to as a kid in the 90's. I've taken kids (ages 6 & 9) to United Skates of America and they've loved it! There's always a game of limbo, as well as neon lights and glow sticks to make the experience extra fun! They have applications/tools to help kids learn to skate and plenty of r... More

Amanda recommended a place Dec 23, 2019


Love this neighborhood playground! It has basketball courts (and a neighborhood league for adult players), safe playground equipment, shaded picnic tables, and a dog park. I often took 1-yr-old LO and we had fun watching the dogs, playing on the slide, and drawing with chalk on the pavement surrounding the picnic tables. I highly recommend this playground/park!

Amanda recommended a place Dec 23, 2019


A lot of fun for both kids and adults! The obstacle course is fun with varying obstacles for respective skill levels. I took kids (ages 6 & 9) here and purchased 60 minutes of jumping, but we ended up extending to 3 hours! Additionally, there are often Groupons and other deals that can make it affordable to take numerous kids/group.

Amanda recommended a place Dec 23, 2019


As a nanny, I have taken kids here (ages 6 & 9) and they LOVED it!! I also had fun taking my turn on some of the larger slides. There are plenty of chairs for parents, which have allowed me to bring a book or school/work materials to complete while the kids play. It's a single open room, so very easy to keep an eye on the kiddos! There are also tables where you can bring & eat snack... More

New Year’s Resolutions For Kids

With New Year’s Eve just around the corner, I’m wondering if it’s appropriate to encourage kids (any/all ages) to create New Year’s Resolutions? And if so, what are some ideas for New Year’s Resolutions for kids? How can you encourage them to commit to them/create positive habits?

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