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Small storage capacity

Is it just me or do breastfeeding articles about storage capacity frustrate any other small storage mom's? They all say oh as long as you feed your baby often enough your supply is fine! Well, 12 times a day is every 2 hours around the clock! I try to hold down a job where I can't spend all day in the mother's room and I try to sleep at night. All of this has led to a reduction in m... More

Independence (from diapers) Day!

Have to share a proud mamma moment. We finished day one of the three day cold turkey diaper training marathon. My son picked it up right away. 15+ pee pees in the potty and one poop. only two accidents early in the day. We went to watch fireworks on our lake in undies. Was nervous, but he made it! Sat on potty as soon as we got home!! I'm sure set backs and bad days are ahead, but celebra... More

Happy Father's Day!

Happy father's day to every dad out there crushing parenting. Whether you stay at home, work 80 hours a week, or are doing it all by yourself - keep up the amazing work.

Nursing at Daycare

I am new to daycare. Today my schedule was funky and timing was such that baby needed to nurse at drop-off. His care provider said I couldn't nurse in the room and took me to a separate office space. Anyone know of state policy that would enable or prohibit breastfeeding in a daycare room. This felt bizzare as it seemed natural to breastfeed a baby at daycare.

Amy posted in Sleep May 31, 2018

2 year old sleep

Is every parent out there secretly staying with their two year old until they fall asleep, getting up multiple times a night to adjust blankets, and/or giving up and sleeping in their two year old's room. We have good and bad nights, but still find ourselves ending up in our son's room more often than not. Just go to sleep!!

Nighttime Fever

For the past 5 nights, soon after falling asleep, my 2 year old son wakes up with a fever between 102 and 103. We give Motrin. He wakes up as soon as it wears off, sometimes feverish, sometimes just in pain. During the day he has no symptoms other than a reduced appetite. Last night he complained of stomach pain for the first time. Anyone have similar experience with a daytime healthy kid and a... More

Amy posted in Funny May 05, 2018

First vs. Second Time Parenting

First: sleep when baby sleeps. Second: accept you wont sleep anymore as soon as possible. First: "we don't allow screens" Second: "Daniel Tiger has taken over raising my oldest." First: use an app to monitor feeding, sleeping, and wet diapers. Second: no app needed. You know all you do is nurse and diaper change. No one sleeps. First: study all pare... More

Difficult daycare drop off?

Since starting maternity leave 2 months ago, I've been home with both sons. Prior to that we had a nanny come to our house during work hours. Transitioning to daycare this week for my oldest. Third day today, and we had a very hard drop off. He cried and begged me to stay. It took everything to not cry in front of him. Still feeling weepy. Hoping for *positive* stories of little ones loving... More

IUD and nursing?

My dr. recommended an IUD (merina) at my 6 week pp check. I'm exclusively breastfeeding, anyone have any experience here? Did it cause you any supply issues?

How many ounces of breast milk did you build up in storage before returning to work? I have 70 ounces so far, but don't know a good (or realistic) goal. I struggled to keep my supply up after my first, and I didn't build up any storage ahead of time. Trying to get better at pumping and have more back up this time around. Thanks!

Amy posted in Babies Mar 29, 2018

Our second is turning 4 weeks old next week. My husband goes back to work then, and I'll have both boys (4 weeks and 2.5 years) at home for a month before the older one starts day care. The times I've watched both on my own have so far been really challenging. Any suggestions on ways to engage with the older one when I'm still nursing 6+ hours a day. What are some manageable ways t... More

We are 34.5 weeks and just learned baby is breech. Doctor talked about options with me and I need to decide if I want them to try to flip the baby. Wondering if any of you have similar experiences or good resources for learning about breech babies. I did a Google search and am feeling overwhelmed.

Late to it, but finally weaning our 2 yo off a bedtime bottle. He had been getting 6-8 oz of milk out of a bottle in his crib to fall asleep. Only day two, but refusing milk out of his sippy cup. He had been doing water and juice out of his cup, but won't do that now either. Kept asking for a bottle, so we gave in and he got water in a bottle tonight. Anyone have tips for weaning this late ... More

Amy recommended a place Oct 22, 2017


Great outdoor seating for families. No kids menu but lots of kids friendly food. On the water, and lots of ducks/geese to feed in the spring and summer.

Amy recommended a place Oct 22, 2017


Great park for kids of all abilities. Can get quite hot in the summer, but perfect in spring and fall.

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Son loves swimming here!

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