Fairfield, CT

Swimming lessons: afraid of water

My 3.5 yo boy is so afraid of the water that every swimming lesson he cries and sometimes screams most of the half hour class. The supervisor is practically refusing to have him in the group class. Any recommendations?

My 3 year old son can’t sleep through the night.

He still wakes up 3 times per night and only can go back to sleep if someone is in bed with him. We’ve been like this for 3 years. And we’re looking for an advice.

My son is pooping in his pants at the school :( My son just started PK3. I knew he had to be potty trained to go to preschool. I started training him since last February, all this time, he was great going pee to the toilet, but poop is not always at the potty :(. Not sure how the new teacher is handling it, but after all this week, he doesn’t approach her to tell her and has pooped every day ... More

I know having a kid is a 24-hour job. So I have my regular very demanding-stressful job and because of our schedules, it’s me to take care of my 3yo Monday to Friday. And weekends, sometimes my husband has to work, so I have to deal with too. Plus we know the house is another job too. This dynamic has created delays in paying bills, hard to keep the house organized and lack of energy. How... More

Here is the situation: I potty trained my son (turning three tomorrow) since middle of February. Up to today, he goes perfectly at the toilet at home and any public places with his toilet seat. The issue is that he doesn’t go at the day care at all, he has to wear pull-ups, and they don’t allow to use a toilet seat 😒. Moreover, I find my son 3-4 times every week that he peed (even with pull-u... More

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