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Allowing toddler snacks during the airport security check?

I’m traveling overseas with our toddler later for the first time and I’m wondering, for those who have experienced it, if the security check will allow snacks for my toddler in my carry on? Just cookies, cereals and crackers?

Daily routine of toddlers

Please mention the age of your toddlers and what are your daily routine for them?Thank you!

Potty recommendations for a 16 month old?

I’d like to expose him to a potty already. Do you guys have any recommendation for a potty that would be interesting for him or has been interesting for your child like those with flushes and sounds etc? How much did it cost you and where did you buy it? Thanks in advance!

How old were your little ones when you started taking them to their dentist? And when did you start brushing their teeth and their reactions to it?

What’s your most recommended educational books for one year olds to read? I’d be happy to keep tab so i can search for it in our local lib. I have at home his faves but i want to expand and see what he likes more. Thanks in advance!

Been exclusively breastfeeding for a year. How did you wean your baby off breastfeeding and when did you start? Mine would just chew on his sippy cup and when i jokingly tried “replacing”my boobie with a bottle with nipple he cried his eyes out 😫

Any recommendation on milk for 1 year olds to prepare the transition from breastmilk?

How often do you bathe your one year old this winter time? Does any of you bathe them every day/night and they developed dryer skin?

My LO is exclusively breastfeeding. When he was 2 weeks old until 7 months he would take a bottle (breastmilk, Dr. Browns) esp when we’re going out. Right after until now, i stopped giving him the bottle since i could breastfeed him at nursing rooms wherever we go. Just last week i tried the bottle again so i could help him wean off breastfeeding and he treated it like it was an alien coming do... More

What are your prenatal vitamins that are over-the-counter? My vits are at $195 😥 and since i’m 2 months away from ending my breastfeeding for transition, i’d like to buy one that is way cheaper but still works well enough without issues for the next 2 months. Thank you in advance for your suggestions

My baby’s Pediatrician prescribed Debrox for the dissolution of his earwax which seems to be causing his discomfort. Has any of you experienced this infant trouble? If so, how did you remove the excess earwax and how many times do you put the solution in their ear or how do you know when to stop?

My baby’s car seat is always stationed at my husband’s car. I’m a SAHM, so my problem is when we want to go somewhere, say decide to use uber or lyft, do they have or could a car seat be requested just in case or is it acceptable to ride it while i baby wear him? We always take the bus when we go to the park or somewhere but inconvenient if we need to have multiple transfers.

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