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Napping in crib

We hold our 4 month old in our arms for almost all her naps. Now we are trying to get her to take one nap in her crib and it hasn’t been going great! She cries a lot and takes her about an hour to fall asleep even though I know she’s tired. Any suggestions for making nap time go better?

Finding a nanny on

Does anyone have experience finding a nanny on Any tips or advice would be great!! We’re looking for someone for three days a week starting in January 2019.

Baby led weaning

What is it and why should we do it (or not!)?

Distracted breastfeeding

My three month old gets so distracted while I am feeding her. She looks around at everything!! I am worried if I feed her in an area with no possible distractions, she’ll never be able to eat with distractions. Any tips?

Cutest Halloween Costumes

What are some of the cutest Halloween costumes you’ve seen for babies (under 6 months)

Late bedtime / wake up time

How long can you get away with a late bedtime (9 or 10 pm) and late wake up time (9 or 10 am) with a baby? That’s the schedule my 6 week old is currently on and she’s sleeping great (7 hours between feedings at night) but I know they say that 7 pm is a better bedtime when they are older.

Road trip with two month old

I am planning a 12 hour road trip with my two month old. Any advice? I am breastfeeding so should I pump some so we don’t have to stop every two hours?

Any tips on getting my 3 week old to nap during the day?

How often should she be sleeping? How do you manage with breastfeeding?

Due tomorrow!

I’m due tomorrow!!!! Any advice you wish you had known for labor or the days after?

Day care or nanny?

Thoughts on pros / cons of these options?

Maternity Leave Mom Activities

I want to take a class for three hours a week during my maternity leave. The class will start two weeks after my due date, but is flexible where I could miss a few. I think it’d be nice to have a bit of “me time” scheduled each week, but I’m not sure if I’m over simplifying how hard it would be to get away and have my husband take care of the baby. Thoughts?

Freezer Meal Recipes

I'm due in June and want to prepare by making some freezer meals! Any great recipes that are favorites for this purpose?

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