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Getting mad for little things?

I’m a SAHM and my husband and I have somewhere to be at 8 this morning. It’s about an hour drive and I got up at 5 am to take a shower and get ready to look nice for the event but also for him. But it makes me so mad that he can wake up 15 minutes before we have to leave take a shower, brush his teeth, get dressed and go. I put so much time in so early and he’s like “okay I’m ready” AND HE STIL... More

Bad eaters

Does anyone have suggestions on how to get 2 year olds to eat? He won’t eat Mac and cheese, chicken, bbq, hamburgers, meatloaf, and he also won’t eat stuff from like McDonald’s, chick fla a, and Burger King. When he does eat it’s just scraps of food. He weighs 35 pounds and the doctor says he’s healthy but he won’t eat!


Does anyone else get super frustrated at the end of the day? I’ve been trying to wash my hair for four days now. I have so much dry shampoo in my hair my fiancé thought I was getting grey hair. And honestly I totally snapped at my man for suggesting we go to a lemon festival and bless his heart he knew I was upset so he said “I’ll just ask you tomorrow” . But between my toddler still not talkin... More


I need to get my toddler out of the house from 3pm-5pm everyday Monday- Friday. Any suggestions on where to take him? He’s 1 1/2 and very active ! Also looking for it to be either cheap or free !


My 18 month old keeps pulling at his diaper and not eating the fuzz stuff but holding it in his hand while sucking his thumb and it keeps getting into his mouth. Any suggestions on how to stop it ??? 😕

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