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Alexis posted in Cute Jan 11

Mommy and me

I’m 5 months pregnant I wanted to do something with her before it’s all about big belly and baby. she had a outfit malfunction so her bow had to hold up her dress. 😂 Jcpenny was having great deal. We are having another girl. I can’t wait to pictures of those two. 🥰

My daughter is 3 1/2 and starting to suck on her toes again??

She use to as a baby and I thought it was cute but now it’s not as cute. How do I stop her ?

Yay she went number two on the potty. With a lot of resistance but she’s did it and I’m so happy for her. I knew she was ready she would ask for diapers for poo. Tonight was the night just buckled down and didn’t let her get up from the toilet when she asked and cried. And afterwards I asked her does your tummy feel better she said yes much better. And we jumped up and down with joy saying hoor... More

Date night moms watching the baby for my husbands birthday 🎂 we are going to a comedy show 🤗

Hi 👋 my daughter use to sleep nap time in her bed and now we start off in her bed for nighttime sleep and she wakes up constantly and requests to sleep on the couch. Should I be concerned and still make her sleep in her bed or let her sleep on the couch and she’ll figure out later what’s best ? In her room I have the light on and her night nursery music twinkle little star. But she won’t lay do... More

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